Hey hustlers,

I’m a hustler too…! LOL

BTW, are you looking for some proven online business ideas? (I know man!😏)

A funny disclosure: No, I’m neither a millionaire nor a billionaire. I just make enough money as an 19-year-old young hustler to continue my hustling journey and to invest in new crazy business ideas and side hustles. So if you’re here to learn “how to become a billionaire in one day”, ignore this post right now!

Today I’m not gonna talk about any bullshit ways to make money online. I’m here to talk about the ways I make money online from home (or anywhere in the world), the work I do, and how I monetize my hard work online.

But I wanna confirm one thing here,

You can’t make money online from day one. It takes time, some sleepless nights, lots of effort, and sometimes money to build a profitable online business.

But don’t worry,

If you are passionate about your work, you can easily achieve your goals.

Remember one thing,

You can’t earn money without working hard. Stay away from ‘get rich quick schemes’, easy money schemes, double your money schemes. Those are scams.

No one can make money without putting in the effort. You have to earn it by working hard. There is no easy money. It’s not easy (it’s impossible) to earn money online or offline without hard work.


You have to earn money by working hard

Feeling so frightened?!

Don’t worry.

If you are passionate about your work, if you have the required skills and knowledge, you can make money online like the way I and other young hustlers earn online.

Let’s talk about the work I do and the way I make money online.



Let’s dive right in.

Blogging – My favorite way to make money online

I have three kids aka blogs. I love them, after all, I’m their proud father. (BTW, I’m a single father, because their mom betrayed us)

Don’t feel sad for me,

I’m happy with my kids aka blogs. 💚

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Let’s talk about some serious shit.

If you have no idea what blogging is, I recommend you check out my ultimate guide on how to start a money-making blog.

These are some ways I make money from my blogs:

1. Adsense

If you want your blog to become a money-making blog, then Google Adsense is the #1 ad network you can use to monetize your blog.

You may have seen some ads on my blog! (If you’re not using an Ad Blocker on your browser 😏)

Those are ads by Google AdSense. Whenever someone clicks or sees those ads I make money.

If you have a blog, you can apply for Google AdSense to monetize your blog through ads.

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2. Sponsored Post

As you grow your blog and your brand, you can collaborate with individuals, brands, and companies. They can compensate you for writing a sponsored post.

You’ll get cold emails from relevant brands who wanna collaborate with you. You can convert them into hot (😏) money-making deals through your conversation. Also, you can send cold emails to potential collaborators to get sponsorship and brand deals.

I get emails from collaborators on a regular basis. Also, I’m active on Intellifluence, an influencer marketplace where I apply for new collaboration opportunities.

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You can make your work with me page, and a media kit to show your influence to potential collaborators. Always include your media kit or work with me page on the cold email you write to potential collaborators.

Affiliate Marketing - Online Business Ideas

How affiliate programs work

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to the business of selling other people’s products in order to earn commissions. Whenever a sale is made through your unique affiliate links, you earn commissions.

I use a lot of products and tools to make my blogging and online business life easier. I promote some of those products and tools to help you guys discover amazing tools while earning a commission for promoting them.

Isn’t that amazing?

Yeah, it’s a win-win situation.

I promote products (books, a podcasting mic) from Amazon, ShareASale, Impact, and some other products not available on affiliate marketplaces.

To promote affiliate products, you can build your target audience using a blog, a podcast, or a YouTube channel. Also, you should focus on building an email list. You can then use these platforms and your email list to promote affiliate products.

I suggest you promote products that are relevant to your blog and really add value to your blog readers. Be cautious about promoting rubbish products solely for the sake of making money.

Just add value and stay loyal to your audience. They will help you earn more audience and money! (Some ‘ultra pro max’ kinda supportive followers will donate (through Buy Me a Coffee*) to help you survive in this tough time)


Are you one of those kind-hearted good guys?

Show some love and support on Buy Me a Coffee! 💚

No money?

We can be friends, show some love on Instagram @InuEtc (Guys, don’t send me a kissing emoji, I’m not gay at all. But I support LGBTQ rights.)

Check out my in-depth affiliate marketing guide to learn more about affiliate marketing as well as get to know about the top 29 affiliate programs you can join to maximize your revenue.


I started my journey as a freelance graphic designer in 2018 on Fiverr. You can start freelancing and earn money online with zero investment. So, if you’re a complete beginner, I suggest you start freelancing.

Also, I think you should try freelancing if you wanna start your entrepreneurial journey because freelancing teaches you a lot about sales, marketing, and patience.

Yeah, patience too, at least the crazy useless freelance sites teach you this important life skill.

Now I don’t waste my precious time on freelancing sites and don’t wait for clients to show up at my door.

I work hard to promote my services – I write articles, I create a lot of content for my blog and social media profiles. I also send cold emails to potential clients.

Additionally, I receive cold (sometimes crazy hot) emails from clients.

My blog, social media profiles, and my contents enable me to reach clients all over the world, and they discover Inu Etc through my blog and social media, as well as a Google search (thanks to my SEO skill) that leads them to my website.

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Here are a few services that I currently offer:

1. Article Writing

You know what?

I can write engaging, high-quality, SEO blog posts to rank higher on Google.

I’m a professional blogger and I know SEO and copywriting. I write amazing (client says that) articles on my blog and for my clients.

I can write a well-researched, high-quality SEO blog post or article in any format you would like (informational, listicles, how-to guides, etc) me to write about.

If you wanna rank higher on Google, if you wanna engage with your readers, or if you want to convert your blog into a money-making blog, my article writing service is going to help you a lot.

2. Web Design

I make websites.

I make beautiful, se*y, hot, (enough adjectives man!) and professional websites for my sweet clients.

Do you wanna build a professional website to go online with your business?

It doesn’t matter what kind of website (e-commerce or offline business) or blog you want from me. My team and I can handle it.

I would love to help you with your website development project. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

3. Pinterest Virtual Assistant

When I started blogging, there was no traffic. Organic traffic from Google was ZERO. 😥

Today, I’m a successful blogger, and thanks to Pinterest for some organic and targeted traffic in my early days of blogging.

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I love Pinterest and I know how to optimize and manage a Pinterest profile to grow on Pinterest and to get traffic to your blog.

If you hire me as your Pinterest virtual assistant, I and my team can help you design engaging and attractive Pinterest graphics using Canva, optimize your profile, create viral pins that bring traffic and sales, and rank higher on Pinterest.

Check out the complete list of the services I offer as a freelancer to monetize my expertise.

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What next?

I wanna work on multiple online businesses to make money from multiple streams of passive income (or active income, whatever 😏)

Soon, I’m gonna scale Zillion Media and I’ll work on some interesting projects – I’ll try dropshipping, website flipping.


I don’t wanna talk about other things, they’re secret projects. It’s good for your mental health that I’m not gonna talk about some of my secret business ideas. You’ll die laughing if I tell you about those ‘eXperiMental’ money-making (or maybe money-losing) projects.

Take care!



Don’t leave me, don’t leave me…

Before you go, here is one question for you,

Is it legal to start an adult website in India?

No, that’s not the real question.

The real question is,

What are you doing right now to make money online?

Maybe you’re a complete beginner and haven’t started an online business till now.

Let me know what you’re doing right now, or what you’re going to do in the near future to make money online.

Let me know in the comment section below right now. 

If you have any questions or if you wanna work with me, feel free to contact me. I’m always available to help young hustlers like you.

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