Age doesn’t matter. I started my online business when I was 15. I’m not kidding or lying. So, I think no one knows it better than me why you should start an online business when you are young. I know because I have experienced it.

Today I’m going to tell you about the 13 reasons why you should start an online business when you are young.

Let’s dive right in.

1. You Have Time to Explore.

That’s one of the biggest advantages of starting an online business when you are young.

You have unlimited time to learn new things. You have free food to stay alive and a shelter to live in.

So, start exploring by following your passion. Discover or build your passion, learn new things, and apply your skills on different opportunities.

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2. You Have Enough Time to Make Mistakes

Again you have no commitments. No one will beat you when you fail on your zero investment online business.

Explore new opportunities, make more mistakes, and learn from your mistakes. It’s extremely easy to learn something by making mistakes.

You can’t be a successful entrepreneur without making mistakes.

3. Get Mentorship Easily

Everyone in the business world would be older than you. So, You will get free guidance from everyone. If you do great things at a young age, people will admire you.

Most successful entrepreneurs like to help young people by sharing their knowledge.

Also, you have the internet. You can network with those successful people through their social media handles.

4. High Energy Level

Young hustlers have more energy, enthusiasm, and creativity.

It’s because they are motivated and curious, and they are following their passion.


I work almost 15 hours per day.

I write blog posts, I design social media posts, I read blogs and books, and I help young hustlers by answering their DM on Instagram and sometimes on a phone call.

Yes, I do a lot of work, but I don’t feel like I’m working. It’s because I’m motivated, and I’m passionate.

5. No Financial Pressure

Yeah, no commitments, no restrictions. Your parents are available to feed you and pay you.

Just convince them and do what you want to do.

Also, you can start an online business with almost no money.

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6. You Can Get Media Coverage

People admire changes!

It’s easy to get media coverage when you are a young entrepreneur because you are doing something different instead of wasting your time at a young age.

People will invite you to their podcasts, and YouTube videos, and sometimes, if you did really big things, you can get huge attention from media coverage.

This way, you can market and grow your business fast.

7. Work From Anywhere in The World

That is the reason why I love working online.

You can work from anywhere and anytime you want. That’s the biggest plus point of the internet.

You can work from home, or you can make money while traveling.

You just need a reliable internet connection, a PC or a smartphone, and some skills.

I know some digital nomads who are traveling this beautiful world while making a living working online.

Also, there are lots of other benefits of having an online business.

You can work without a high-quality office, you can generate passive income, and you can get clients from all over the world.

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8. You Can Gain More Experience 

It’s because you are starting at a young age and you have more time to do experiments with opportunities.

I already talked about that you have enough time to make mistakes.

By making more mistakes and by learning from your mistakes, you will get more experience at a young age.

Also, you will learn from your mentors, fellow hustlers, and other resources.

9. You Can Learn New Skills Fast

Everybody knows that young people are curious.

And curious people learn fast. It’s SUPER easy to memorize something when you are young.

Your teenage years are the best time to learn a new skill. So start learning using the internet for free.

Use YouTube, books, blogs, and other resources to learn a new skill.

But the problem with free learning resources is that they are not organized.

So, if you don’t know how to learn anything for free using Google and YouTube, try e-learning platforms such as Skillshare, Udemy, etc. to learn a new skill.

You can build a new PASSION - Reasons Why You Should Start an Online Business When You’re Young

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10. You Can Build a New Passion

Lots of people are tired of trying to find their passion.


Do you know that you can build a passion for yourself?

Just like skills, you can easily build a passion for yourself.

But how?

It’s pretty simple.

Choose a subject you genuinely love.

Read as much as you can, listen to podcasts and watch videos about the subject you love.

Surround yourself with like-minded people.

By doing all these things regularly, you will be able to fill your brain with the information and emotions about the subject you love.

After that, you will be more passionate about that subject.

This way, you can build a new passion for yourself.

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11. Get Financial Freedom and Create a Long Term Financial Security.

An online business can generate passive income. You can develop your online business into a stable and auto-piloted source of revenue.

Now imagine,

If you spend your teenage time learning how to start a successful business by exploring different opportunities and gaining genuine experiences, you could build more income generating assets when you are young.

That means you are going to earn money and get financial freedom when most people of your age were wasting their time on partying and studying unnecessary school books.

12. You Can Learn Anything Using The Internet.

We know the power of the internet and our generation knows how to use the internet.

The Internet is full of opportunities. You can learn anything for free using the internet. Every learning resources are available for free.


I’m a self-learner. I hate formal education, and I’m a proud school dropout.

I’m in love with self-education, and I always encourage people to implement self-education.

I like to learn new things using the internet.

I ask anything to Google or YouTube, and most of the time, I get my answer.

When Google and YouTube fail to answer me, I ask my question on various forums, and believe me; The internet is full of talented and helpful people, there is always someone available to answer my question.

If you are a true hustler, the internet is a great opportunity for you.

Start learning new things and also share your knowledge using the internet.

Because someone is waiting for your help too.

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13. Your Parents Will Support You.

Some parents will support and motivate their children when they are going to start an online business.

But I’m sorry to say that some parents will demotivate their children!

Especially Indian parents, because they don’t know anything about online business. They have no idea about what is an online business.

So at first, built skills, and learn more about the business that you want to develop.

If possible, find a mentor and then try to convince your parents. Try everything to persuade them.

I’m from a middle-class Indian family. So, I know how difficult it is to convince Indian parents, but it’s not an impossible task.

If your parents can see your passion and dedication towards your dreams, your parents will allow you to do what you want to do.

Sometimes It’s not easy to convince them, but keep patience and educate them. Obviously, they don’t know anything about online business, show them some examples and show them your work or your business plan.

If they are willing to give you a bike to waste your precious time, why not they could give you some time to follow your passion?

Now it’s your turn!

Hey, you’ve read about the 13 reasons why you should start an online business.

Are you going to start your own online business in 2022?

Leave a quick comment below.

Also, share this post with aspiring entrepreneurs and young hustlers, you know.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Keep hustling!

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