Everyone is talking about ChatGPT these days.

I also included ChatGPT in this blog post, and I use it almost daily.

I even generated the draft of the ‘final thoughts’ of this blog post using ChatGPT. I have edited the draft to make it original and I have added my thoughts as well.

No doubt, ChatGPT is a revolutionary AI tool.

However, you can find hundreds of AI tools on the internet that can make your life easier, increase your productivity, and help you generate more in less time and effort.

In this post, I have compiled 29 of the best AI tools that I believe will be of great assistance to you. 

The 29 AI tools you need to know in 2024 are listed below.

1. ChatGPT

All of us are familiar with this awesome tool. It’s a large language model chatbot developed by OpenAI based on GPT-3.5. ChatGPT understands and responds to human conversation naturally, allowing users to have engaging conversations.

Link: https://chat.openai.com/

2. CopyAI

AI-generated copy that actually boosts conversions. Write better copy for content marketing, blogs, websites, and more – all in one click!

Link: https://www.copy.ai/

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3. Wordtune

You can use Wordtune to rewrite and rephrase your writing with AI! 

Link: https://www.wordtune.com/

4. Synthesia

Synthesia allows you to create AI videos from text in minutes. A variety of 85+ AI avatars will be available, and you can choose from 120+ languages and accents.

Link: https://www.synthesia.io/

5. Looka

Looka’s AI-powered platform lets you design a logo and build an awesome brand. With Looka, you’ll be able to launch your brand and look great from the very start.

Link: https://looka.com/

6. Ink

You can create text and visuals 10X faster and easier with patented SEO and user engagement optimization.

Link: https://inkforall.com/

7. PictoryAI

8. Flair

Create branded content in seconds with AI.

Link: https://flair.ai/

9. Beatoven

Create unique royalty-free music that fits your story. Using advanced AI music generation techniques, Beatoven.ai creates music that fits any video or podcast.

Link: https://www.beatoven.ai/

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10. Cleanvoice

Using Cleanvoice, you can remove fillers, stutters, and mouth sounds from your podcasts and audio recordings.

Link: https://cleanvoice.ai/

11. Krisp

With Krisp’s AI, background voices, noises, and echoes are eliminated from all your business calls, so you can speak with confidence.

Link: https://krisp.ai/

12. Unbounce

Using Unbounce, you can create beautiful, high-performing marketing campaigns in just a few minutes with its AI-powered features.

Link: https://unbounce.com/

13. Vidyo

Create short-form social media videos from long-form content in just a few clicks with AI.

Link: https://vidyo.ai/

This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. This commission comes at no extra cost to you. Also, I don’t recommend anything that I don’t believe in.

14. Maverick

With Maverick, eCommerce stores are able to engage with each of their customers across their journey using AI-generated video.

Link: https://www.trymaverick.com/

15. Quickchat

With Quickchat, you can have a fully conversational and multilingual AI Assistant that is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.

Link: https://www.quickchat.ai/

16. SEO.ai

With SEO.ai, you get high-quality SEO content in less time, and you can guarantee that it will perform. It is available in more than 50 languages.

Link: https://seo.ai/

17. Soundraw

Make your own royalty-free music instead of looking for one online. There is no need to worry about copyright issues with Soundraw.

Link: https://soundraw.io/

18. Cleanup

With the quick and simple interface, you can remove any wanted object, defect, people, or text from your photos in seconds.

Link: https://cleanup.pictures/

19. Resume Worded

Resume Worded is an AI-powered platform where you can get instant feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile as well as write and improve them.

Link: https://www.resumeworded.com/

20. Stockimg.ai

In seconds, generate the best stock image you need. You can also design logos, wallpaper, posters, book covers, illustrations, and more.

Link: https://stockimg.ai/

21. There’s An AI For That

A daily updated comprehensive database of AI tools available for every task.

Link: https://theresanaiforthat.com/

22. Podcastle

A web-based platform that combines studio-quality recording, AI-powered editing, and seamless exporting.

Link: https://podcastle.ai/

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23. Descript

With Descript, you can write, record, transcribe, edit, collaborate, and share videos and podcasts.

Link: https://www.descript.com/

24. Otter

With Otter, you can record meetings, take notes in real-time, and generate a summary to share with everyone.

Link: https://otter.ai/

25. Illustroke

From text prompts, create stunning vector illustrations.

Link: https://illustroke.com/

26. Originality.AI

A plagiarism checker designed for web publishers and the most accurate AI detector capable of detecting GPT-3 and ChatGPT-generated content.

Link: https://originality.ai/

27. CopyMonkey

In seconds, CopyMonkey can generate and optimize your Amazon listings. You can rank organically on page one of Amazon by using AI to place all of the important keywords in your Amazon listing.

Link: http://copymonkey.ai/

28. Ocoya

Ocoya allows you to create, auto-generate, and schedule social media content quickly.

Link: https://www.ocoya.com/

29. Jasper

You can produce amazing, original content 10X faster with Jasper’s AI Content Generator. Easily write blog posts, and make AI-generated images.

Link: https://www.jasper.ai/

30. Patterned

With this simple AI tool, you can search & create thousands of royalty-free patterns for every surface.

Link: https://www.patterned.ai/

31. Vondy AI

Vondy AI is a creativity assistant tool that uses artificial intelligence to provide support and assistance for creative tasks. However, what makes Vondy stand out from other AI tools is that it offers you more than 100 useful apps (AI tools) for all kinds of tasks.

Link: https://www.vondy.com/

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Final Thoughts: Top 29 AI Tools You Need to Know About in 2024

The field of Artificial Intelligence is rapidly growing, and becoming an integral part of our daily lives, and as such, it is imperative to have an understanding of the top AI tools.

My favorite tools are ChatGPT, CopyAI, OpenAI, and Wordtunes. Among all these 29 AI tools, I use these 4 the most.

No matter what level of AI experience you have or where you are in your career, mastering these tools will give you a competitive edge and help you stay ahead of the curve.

In the coming years, the AI industry is expected to expand rapidly, making these tools more and more important.

I think this is the perfect time to learn more about AI and build skills related to artificial intelligence and AI tools.

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