I’m not a famous influencer (not yet) and I don’t generate millions of traffic, but why do I get brand deals?

I get brand deals every month, I have worked with lots of brands and been featured in some famous publications as well.

But why?

Why do brands like to work with me?

Although Inuidea.com was just another hobby project when I started it, I treated it as a serious business from the beginning.

I wrote some high-quality articles and just with 7 article I got AdSense approval. I was happy but the earnings were not great. I tried affiliate marketing as well.

As my blog grew, I started getting cold emails for brand deals and collaboration opportunities from different companies.

Now after working with all these companies, I realized that the professionalism in my work helped me get all these brand deals. The brand value, domain authority, good-looking site, high-quality articles, SEO skills, negotiation skills, and marketing skills, all these things helped me as well.

In order to work with brands and collaborate with people and companies, behave professionally, improve your communication skills, write or create better content, treat yourself like a serious entrepreneur, and treat your side hustle like a serious business from the start.

From this very fast day, make sure you create the best quality content you can!

There are a lot of videographers with 10k followers on Instagram who collaborate with camera companies and car companies for the simple reason that they create high-quality content.


Content is king.

How do brands reach out to me?

They email me actually. I receive hundreds of cold emails with collaboration opportunities every month. Also, there are sponsored marketplaces such as Intellifluence, where I get brand deals as well.

The top 5 tips for getting brand deals!

To help you get brand deals and sponsorships, here are 5 actionable tips:

1. Grow your following on social media and make yourself easy to reach

Create and post relevant content and engage with your audience and build a group of loyal audiences. Make yourself easy to reach by providing your email or a contact page.

2. Join influencer marketing platforms

I like Intellifluence a lot. It’s a great influencer marketing marketplace for bloggers and social media influencers. Stay active on Intellifluence and apply for new collaboration opportunities.

You can learn more about the top sponsored post networks by reading this post: Top 10 Sponsored Post Networks You Must Join Now (Also get my secret cold email template that you can customize and send brands to get sponsored post opportunities.

3. Let brands know you’re open to collaborations

Create a website and write a good  ‘work with me‘ page or design a media kit for your business to let brands and potential clients know you’re available for collaborations and why they should collaborate with you.

4. Create quality content and stay active everywhere

It is impossible to predict where an opportunity will arise. Once I got the opportunity to work with a brand that saw me on Twitter. Collaboration opportunities also come my way from Medium and Inuidea.com.

So, stay active on your blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and as many platforms as you can to receive more brand deals.

You can make videos, blog posts, microcontent, podcasts, social media graphics, etc.

Just make sure you’re creating a lot of engaging content consistently that provides value to your audience.

5. Reach out to brands for potential collaboration

You can send cold emails to your favorite brands and potential clients or as you grow your audience, you can also expect cold emails from brands and collaborators out there.

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Final Thoughts: The Top 5 Tips for Getting Brand Deals and Sponsorship Opportunities – Why Do Brands Like to Work With Me?

Even if you do all these things it may take some time to get brand deals, sponsorship, or collaboration opportunities. You should just focus on growing your following and creating high-quality content.

Patience is key.

Now it’s your turn!

Thanks for reading.

I hope you get some actionable and useful tips on how to get brand deals and sponsorship opportunities from this post.

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Are there any other tips you can share to get brand deals?

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Keep hustling.