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Want to drive massive traffic to your blog from Pinterest?

Whether you are a new blogger looking for some actionable Pinterest tips or a pro blogger looking for more ideas to grow on Pinterest, this roundup post is for you!

I asked 11 blogging and Pinterest experts the following question:

“What is one piece of advice that you have for new bloggers who want to grow on Pinterest to drive traffic to their blog?

As a beginner blogger who is new to Pinterest and the blogging business, learning the best practices for driving consistent traffic can be overwhelming.

The tips listed below reflect the hard work and experience of various successful bloggers and online entrepreneurs, they’re successful on Pinterest and I’m pretty sure their Pinterest growth strategies will help you grow on Pinterest.

Let’s dive right in.

Angela Mary Vaz

1. Angela Mary Vaz – Stray Curls

“Everything you do on Pinterest should be aligned with your Brand and Blogging Niche – this includes your Pinterest Boards, the Pins you decide to pin, the categories and keywords you use, and the people you decide to follow.

I made the mistake of trying to be an expert in everything and failed to attract the audience I wanted.

Narrow your focus and you will notice a rise in engagement and followers almost immediately.

The minute I pulled down the boards that weren’t in my niche and stuck to posting pins that were only in my niche, I noticed a substantial growth in blog traffic and tripwire sales.

Doing just this much will make a world of a difference to your Blog and your Pinterest account.”

2. Lisa Tanner – Lisa Tanner Writing

“Don’t be afraid to create new pins for your older posts. You don’t have to put them all on your actual blog, but having multiple options for each post can help get more eyes on your content.

It’s a great way to get some momentum going on a post that has been dormant for a bit.

This also allows you to do some A/B testing so you can see what your audience responds to the most.

It can really help you discover what works for you since every blog will need a slightly different pinning strategy.”

Adam Connell - Blogging Wizard-Pinterest expert

3. Adam Connell – Blogging Wizard

“Once you’ve created your blog, you’ll need to put together a Pinterest strategy that drives traffic back to your blog.

I’m not going to share a specific strategy or tactic. Instead, we need to talk about validating what you put into your strategy.

Here’s what you need to know:

Don’t blindly follow best practice advice, even that which you learn from this article.

In general, best practice advice is a great starting point but you get the most mileage from your efforts when you experiment for yourself.

There are two main issues with most best practice advice:

1) It might not be relevant in your niche.

2) So many people might follow the advice that it no longer works.

So, before implementing any advice, you need to ask yourself – is this niche dependent? Or are too many people already following this advice for it to work?

A good example is the colors and styling of your pins. If someone says go for a specific style because it stands out, then loads of people follow the same advice. Eventually, everyone does it and it no longer stands out.

Instead, you would need to look at what is being shared in your niche and make sure your pins stand out amongst what is being shared at the time.

And, in future, it would be a good idea to check what style of images people are using. If trends change, create new pins for your top-performing content and reshare them.

It’s important to mention that some best practice advice is worth following regardless but you should always consider the two points I mentioned above.

Then you will know how to create a Pinterest strategy that’s built around your business and not someone else’s. And you will become the trendsetter rather than chasing trends that are losing steam.”

4. Corinne – myjEARNey

“Consistency. The more consistent you are with pinning and SEO, the more exposure you get on Pinterest.

I must also add patience because Pinterest can be a long-term game to many and the algorithm changes quite often.

Michael Hulleman, Hobo with a Laptop

5. Michael, Hobo with a Laptop

  1. Images Should Focus on Pain, Not Desired Result

Choose images for your pins that reflect the pain and agony of the problem or challenge you’re solving in your blog post.

If your content is about taking better photos, use a blurry low-quality photo in your pin. 

If your photo is about weight loss, include overly greasy food, or a rolly belly in your pin. That last one may be controversial, but I really don’t care. Take their pain and rub their face in it. Oldest trick in the marketing book. If it’s tasteful, it will sell.

  1. Content-Length

Pinterest users are visual. They choose Pinterest because they’re likely looking for short-form articles —so give them what they want.

Make pins point to content that’s quick and easy to consume. A 3 minute Youtube video, or a 400-600 word article.

Pinterest expert - Raelyn Tan

6. Raelyn Tan

“My advice for new bloggers to stop obsessing over how many times you should pin a day, or whether you should do manual or automated pinning.

Instead, focus on creating attention-grabbing pins and fresh content on a consistent basis.

Quality and quantity will rise to the top, not that shiny new tactic that a Pinterest guru claimed made “all the difference” to their traffic.

A lot of times, bloggers get distracted by having the “perfect pinning strategy” but miss out on what is more important – content and how their pins look.”

7. Leila Kartforosh – Living Like Leila

“Create multiple pin styles/designs for every blog post. Your audience will have an eye for different colors, designs, fonts, etc.

So they may scroll past one pin, but then see the same pin with a different style and click or save that one.

From there you can determine which styles perform best, eliminate the ones that don’t, and keep testing new designs!”

Pinterest expert-Shruti Pangtey, Indian Girling

8. Shruti Pangtey, Indian Girling

“The best way for a new blogger to use Pinterest for traffic is to start with creating a strong content foundation. This means setting up a business account, figuring out which categories your audience is most interested in, and then optimizing your profile on Pinterest to reflect that.

At the end of the day, people don’t care about what you do, but how you can help them. Your content should aim at solving your audience’s problems.

Having an audience-first approach will help you stand out in a competitive feed and start driving traffic fast.”

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9. Mike Beatty – Make Time Online

“Improve the quality of your pins and be consistent with fresh content. Find out what works in your niche and focus on creating pins that are intriguing but designed well. 

Some useful basic design tips are to make sure your text overlay is aligned well (either centered, to the left or right) and not messy. Use contrast to make things “pop” off the page. Think about what you want people to see first aka hierarchy (make certain words or images stand out in order of importance). Be consistent with fonts and colors for your brand (this makes creating fresh pins easier too!) 

Too many people get caught up in strategies and often their pin design is what’s holding them back.”

Jojo LeBouef - Traveling Petite Girl

10. Jojo LeBouef – Traveling Petite Girl

“Growing your traffic with Pinterest is a true test of patience. It takes at least 3-6 months to see results from consistently pinning new content. But the result you get is sustainable traffic, the kind that lasts for years and years. Don’t give up and embrace the process of pinning. You’ll be thanking yourself 6 months from now.”

11. Luisa Zhou

“Take out the emotion and test, test, test. You’re going to have to test your headlines, images, copy, schedule, and more. So if something doesn’t work or things don’t take off right away, don’t give up.”

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Final Thoughts: 11 Pinterest Experts Reveal How New Bloggers Can Grow on Pinterest

I love Pinterest because it helps me a lot to grow my blog and business. I’m following these bloggers for a long time and I hope their Pinterest growth tips will help you grow on Pinterest.

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