Videos are an important part of your online presence. They are so popular among those who access them that viewings increase 100 percent each year.

This isn’t only for new videos. It’s also for ones that people save in their libraries to view again.

Videos are found on social media sites, on repositories like YouTube, and on your own website. In fact, you want to have some form of video on there to promote yourself and the products you offer.

Unfortunately, many people add videos that are slow and of poor quality. This causes viewers to assume the presenter is lazy in their business.

You want to avoid this dilemma. To help, here are 6 tips for editing videos and improving your website content.

1. Find the Right Editing Software

The editing software built into your device’s operating system is okay. Yet, it’s not for presentations that require scene shifts, special effects, and other items that enable your video to go viral. To utilize those tools you need an editing application such as FlexClip, InShot, CapCut, KineMaster Video Editor, Pinnacle Studio, Windows Movie Maker, and iMovie. Also, some paid ones, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, and Sony Vegas Pro, are worth trying.

Several name-brand packages can overtax your budget. It’s best to try them out under free trials to see if they will work for you in the future. Instead, focus on the open-source editing packages. These are free and are constantly updated. Also, they tend to have more than what is available in name-brand products. This is thanks to free utilities offered by other users.

2. Speed Things Up

While it’s true your customers want to see your videos they don’t want to spend the entire day viewing them. Especially the slower parts. Fix this with tools to speed up a video online.

Plenty of companies across the internet have this ability. For instance, a place like Invideo gives you the ability to upload your videos to their site and naturally speed them up. The result is a presentation that isn’t too fast to seem unusual.

3. Compression

The other thing you want to do is reduce the size of your video. Though this can be done through editing, it still might be too big for your website. For instance, a 30-minute, high-quality video is approximately 10 gigabytes.

To get it to a manageable size you want to compress the recording. The editing software you choose should have an option to reduce its size so it’s still viewable without a reduction in quality. You will have to play around with these options for a bit to get the right setting.

4. Use A Template

A good way to establish yourself with videos is to create a brand. This isn’t only what you sell but your values and actions. To establish these on your recordings use a video template.

This is similar to an item you would use to create a PowerPoint presentation. It allows you to upload images to a site. In turn, items like logos and bullet-point lists are animated. It adds another layer of excitement to your website.

5. Website Prominence

If your website’s home page doesn’t have a space for videos, then it needs to be immediately corrected. In fact, you should have an introductory video at the top of your first page. You may even want to create a landing page that automatically plays your video.

Have your video start at the point users access your website. While they can always pause the presentation at least they get a taste of you and your organization.

6. Promote Video Content On Social Media

Don’t make your website the end-all location for your video promotion. You also need to utilize your social media platforms. This increases your reach and allows you to promote your works to different groups.

In other words, you have to present the video in different ways. For instance, your presentation might be more casual for Facebook. Your introduction on LinkedIn will be more formal. The more you do this the better you’ll get with your presentation skills.

Don’t let the opportunity of video promotion get away from you. More than ever, customers want to see the people behind the businesses where they’re going to shop. It provides a sense of comfort during hectic times. When you launch your videos you allow current and new clients to get comfortable with you and your organization.

This is a guest post written by Sheryl Wright.

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