Distraction lives everywhere. We faced distractions every here and there. As entrepreneurs, one of our greatest enemies of all time is distractions. It is the chief cornerstone of all sorts of procrastination and unproductiveness in our workplace, school, careers, and our ideal life. 

The worst scenario, when you have some important tasks to complete and you find yourself scrolling through social media; reading and replying to chats, regularly checking email notifications, and finally ending up on YouTube videos. I believe you understand what I’m trying to say? We’re all victims of this. 

However, to put ourselves in distraction-free mode, we need to put some essential structures in place to help increase our productivity and enhance our time management.

Stay with me to the end of today’s post as I will be highlighting some vital measures to overcome distractions.

Focus On Your Internal and External Triggers

What do I mean by external and internal triggers? Well, let me start with the external trigger of distraction; it is anything around or conditions that take our mind from our ideal goals and make us less productive in our business or career. It could be friends, places, devices, or our day by day activities. 

For instance, you have decided to complete a task on the internet, but as soon as you take your smartphone, you will be scrolling through Instagram photos and doing something else. In this case, your smartphone has become an external trigger to your task and has made you less productive. Much of the time, we succumb to these distractions because we’re looking for one, such as when we check email or feeds when we should be working on something with substance.

Internal triggers are our thoughts and emotions. It can also include emotions about life circumstances, the task you are working on, fears, and worries. Circumstances like significant world events and personal struggles can be sources of internal distractions. It happens to me when I will be daydreaming about my goals instead of taking action and making them become a reality. Most of the time, we get distracted, not only in our workplace but also in our social life. Internal distraction is the cause of procrastination and laziness. 

Prevention Is better than cure, so it’s essential to find ways to keep these distractions to a minimum in the first place.

Ways To Deal With External Distractions

  1. Turn Off Smartphone Notifications: To be distraction-free, you have to turn off any unwanted smartphone notifications. It can be a group chat, gaming notifications. And again, limiting the time we spend on social media is also a take to reduce an external distraction. 
  2. Clarify Your Intention: As a young entrepreneur, one of the external distractions to your career is your friends. Believe it or not, some toxic friends can ruin your plans. Others will not even believe in your dreams and will make every effort to convince you to be like them. Therefore, it’s advisable to let them know what you’re up to so that they don’t disturb your peace of mind. Others will see you as arrogant or may think you have changed and you longer mingle with them. Never mind! After all, this is your life, and it is going to affect you if you don’t take a stand. Those who are with you will understand your decision and give you their support.

Ways To Deal With Internal Distraction

  1. Check up on yourself: Start by looking within. Ask yourself what’s going on? What’s the source of your flightiness or anxiety? What do you need to be working on in your life? Finding these internal triggers will help you stop putting pressure on yourself and focus on life and business.
  2. Get Enough Sleep: According to research, lack of sleep magnifies distractedness. Make sure you get enough sleep and take a break from work as possible. Multitasking is also a sign of distraction; you don’t have to do everything at once. Take advantage of resources and tools to help your business grow with little effort and less time-consuming.

Plan Your Day Ahead

If you fail to plan, you’ll plan to fail -Anonymous.

Getting into the habit of planning your day will help you stay focused during the day and avoid wasting time on unimportant things. Planning your day the night before will give yourself a heads up on what tomorrow will look like. It’s advisable to prioritize your goals to be on the safest side. That’s, arranging your goals based on the most critical tasks, and writing them in your to-do list. With the list in place, you’re able to relax and prioritize items that fit with your most important goals and strategy. 

How To Successfully Plan Your day

Planning is the key to effective time management. Feeling unprepared can create tension and distraction for your work and productivity.

Having a clear plan for your day helps you make the most of your time and accomplish the essential things in life.

Make Planning A Habit

Habits are more comfortable to build when we see the results of our dedication right away. Luckily, planning your day is a habit that pays off immediately. You’ll feel more organized, focused, and motivated with a plan for the hours ahead. To do this successfully, you have to set yourself on track by setting a regular alarm to keep you awake. Remember I said ‘habit’, so, it requires discipline and dedication whether you’re feeling tired or not. Make every effort to stick with the alarm at the same time each day.

Make A schedule

Keeping a schedule for your day will help you manage your time more efficiently. You can get more done and are less likely to forget tasks or become sidetracked.

Keeping a schedule for your daily activities will help you manage your time more efficiently and be productive. Scheduling your day allows you to self-regulate and track your behavior by keeping records of what you need to do to eliminate yourself from distractions and get more work done.

Ask people to give you privacy

Let people respect your privacy by humbly requesting a time to refrain from them. I’m more active on social media, so anytime I want to focus on some crucial tasks. I let them know my intentions with a simple message like, “I would not be able to reply to your chats for this week, but will surely reply to you later please.” I do this to put myself in distraction-free mode. 

However, I recommend that you go up to the people who are most likely to disturb you and let them know your intentions. It could be your relatives, friends, and co-worker. You can politely tell someone you need to work on a specific task, without hurting their feelings.

Give yourself frequent breaks

Frequent time breaks are significant to give your brains a rest and let you focus on other small valuable things. To overcome distraction, give yourself a shorter time frame so that your mind can refresh and energize for productive results.

It could be taking a walk, stretching, or using your smartphone to catch up with your set goals.

Finalize Your Distractions

Knowing your distractions can help you to avoid them and stay on track. Examine yourself by identifying your major problem areas, and put walls around you so you can focus better on your dreams.

Please share with me, what are your best tips for overcoming distraction.

This is a guest post written by  Awuah Gideon. If you want to submit guest posts to Inuidea, check out the guest post guidelines for Inuidea.