‘Ups and Downs’ is a compilation of my best articles on life, mental health, self-love, success, and travel, basically my thoughts and experiences. You can learn a lot from it, just as I myself have learned a lot from my mistakes, my work experiences, and my travel experiences. This book contains all my ups and downs, from the worst to the best moments of my life.

This book will inspire aspiring mountaineers, inspire people to travel the world and motivate them to work on their craft to become financially independent. It will help you understand how to find or build your passion, work smart, earn passively, do what you love, and motivate you to live life on your terms.

Here are 21 best quotes from my new book – Ups and Downs.

1. Life’s better without unwanted noise, confusion, and toxic people. Beware of red flags at all costs. Help people, but always maintain a safe distance. – Inu Etc

2. Don’t give strangers the chance to ruin your mental health with their frustration and negativity. You just spread happiness and move on. – Inu Etc

3. Life is all about ups and downs. A life without ups and downs is equal to death! – Inu Etc

4. I understand that life comes with both good and tough times. No matter what comes along, in between, I will have fun in my own way. – Inu Etc

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5. Our capacity for happiness is inversely proportional to our capacity for sadness. You won’t feel happiness without experiencing sadness. The sadder you feel, the greater your capacity for happiness becomes. – Inu Etc

6. In life, there will always be struggles and obstacles, ups and downs. Until the last breath, we will keep overcoming obstacles. Life is like a video game, as you get new levels, you have harder tasks to accomplish and it gets harder and harder. – Inu Etc

7. The idea of being a millionaire doesn’t appeal to me. Someday, if my work makes me a millionaire, I won’t have any problems, but the main goal of my life is to be happy. It is my goal to earn the money I need to support my family and travel the world. – Inu Etc

8. People with toxic mindsets will only see toxic content on social media because the algorithm wants to satisfy their toxic minds with more toxicity. – Inu Etc

9. To be successful, it is not necessary to copy someone exactly; instead, be yourself, use your own skills, build your own empire, and live like a king. – Inu Etc

10. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or woman, being financially independent and learning basic life skills are the most important things you can do for yourself. – Inu Etc

11. If you want to write well, you must put your feelings, your knowledge, and your passion into it. – Inu Etc

12. Dreams do come true. Even when no one believes in you, just believe in yourself, keep learning, and work hard (and smart) to achieve your goals. – Inu Etc

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13. I only have one life to live on this beautiful planet, and I don’t want to regret not doing the things I wanted to do at the end of it on my deathbed. – Inu Etc

14. It is important to maintain self-motivation and discipline when you’re your own boss and don’t have a structured workplace, otherwise, you’re more likely to get distracted or procrastinate. – Inu Etc

15. Beware of courses that claim you will become a billionaire if you purchase them. – Inu Etc

16. Whenever I write, I become focused and feel as if the fast-paced world around me slows down. Writing helps me gain clarity in my mind and allows me to become a happy soul again. – Inu Etc

17. Only one chance to explore this crazy beautiful world, and you’re thinking about what others will think about you? – Inu Etc

18. When it comes to learning something, it’s not about degrees or learning at school; you can learn using the internet, by reading books, and blogs, and by doing things as well. – Inu Etc

19. Trying to hide your mental health issues just to comply with the stereotype of a man will definitely be to your detriment. – Inu Etc

20. Obstacles are an essential part of a struggling life. There is no struggle without obstacles. – Inu Etc

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21. Instead of dying peacefully without an adventurous life, I would love to die while doing something adventurous. – Inu Etc

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