Want to take your business to new heights?

How do you gain exposure through video contents?

YouTube is the answer.

YouTube being the hub for millions of users across the globe becomes one of the earliest as well as the most popular social media.

Companies, bloggers, artists and content creators get a platform to share video contents, gaining popularity and attracting their audiences and promoting their business. 

According to recent statistics, around 500 hours of videos are uploaded each minute and 5 billion videos are watched every day!

In this huge lot that increases day by day, it becomes nearly impossible to stand out unless you have an effective strategy.

We have created a step by step guide for all the content creators, aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs on how to start and grow your YouTube channel.

Let’s get started!

1. Identify your audience:

The first step before any kind of marketing is to conduct intensive market research. Identify and distinguish your target group from a large group of users.

Your target group will differ with the category of content you are sharing.

For example,

If you are a fitness blogger/coach, you will target those men and women who watch the workout, weight loss and fitness videos.

Similarly, a food blogger would like to target people who cook or like to eat.

If you have an educational institution, divide your target audience according to the level of education (middle school, high school, graduation, etc.) in this way, your competition comes down only between your niche.

Divide your audience according to demographics (age, ethnicity, gender etc), psychographic (likes, dislikes, preferences etc), behavioural (browsing habits, brand loyalty, etc) and geographic (country, city and region). 

Market research helps you recognise and identify the ongoing trends and what people are interested to watch.

Focus on one particular category and concentrate only on building it in the beginning. Gradually, when you will gain more reach and popularity, you can expand your content segment and offer more than one category.

2. Improve your YouTube channel:

When you begin optimising your account, you need to set up your account and its cover page, logo and about section.

This is where your viewer will land to learn more about who you are and what you offer. Make sure your cover page is relevant and attractive.

It is also suggested to keep updating it to make your page look fresh and active.

Next, you will have to write an interesting bio offering a description and contact links. Your logo (or profile picture) will display next to your streaming video so make sure it is distinctive and unique. 

Create channel sections to organise your account. This will make your viewers find what they are looking for instantly, hence, they will find your channel optimised.

Finally, keep updating your bio and cover page as it helps to inform the viewer about your recent posts and makes you look active in your community.

3. Build content and be consistent:

The next big part to perform is to create engaging and attractive content.

According to your market research, find out about the topics that are trending. Visit other channels in your niche and find out what their viewers are watching.

Make sure you have the necessary equipment needed to record your videos. You might want to acquire basic video editing tools and tricks to make your video look appealing. Try out different fonts, effects, background music and filters. 

Finally, be consistent in uploading your content. Do not abandon your channel and regularly come up with interesting topics. Prepare a schedule in advance to keep up with your uploads.

4. Engage with the audience:

Start YouTube channel

It is important to build a connection with your viewers.

The only way you can build a direct conversation is through the comments section.

Actively reply to viewers who are commenting below your video and engage in a meaningful common conversation.

Address their queries or simply reply with a thank you.

Actively try to ask for likes, share and encourage comments through your videos.

Also, direct your viewers to other platforms like your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn account etc.

Ask the public what they want to watch and let them suggest topics. This will help you create relevant content. Overall, be consistent and reply in a polite manner.

5. Live streaming:

Although it is obvious that you will be promoting your channel on other media as well, take advantage of the live streaming feature on YouTube.

Live streaming interests and a large amount of audience and is a great way to promote as well as build a connection and in force a sense of community.

This feature also promotes long viewing duration so you can put up a content that you wish would get more engagement.

Live streaming is great for launches, live broadcasts, hosting a live event etc.

6. Analyse insights:

In order to track your campaign, you must analyse the growth of your channel.

YouTube lets you access insights on your uploaded videos. You can view the statistics on the number of views, engagements and the actions taken on the video.

The demographics section will show you the age and the gender of your viewers. These insights help you measure your campaign growth and will let you plan your next content.

7. Create collaborations:

Discover other bloggers or content creators in your niche and look for collaborations.

This is a wonderful way to gain more exposure and shine amongst their audience as well.

You may collaborate and create a Q&A session, a review or an interview.

If you do not want to tie-up with your direct competitors, find out channels which are relevant to your niche.

For example, if you are a food blogger, tie-up with the fitness coach to discuss healthy eating. Collaboration takes your channel to a great height and high social exposure.

8. Make use of SEO:

SEO is not only limited to websites or blogs. This can be done by implementing tactics like incorporating specific keywords in your file name.

This is an incredible way to increase your video ranking. Incorporate relevant hashtags and back links (from collaborators) in video bios.

Curate interesting video titles that will help the audience to conveniently find you when they use the YouTube search engine. 

9. Giveaways:

Giveaways are an exciting activity to create a buzz about your product oblique service.

A giveaway can be easily promoted on other social media and help you gain subscribers and likes easily.

If you are a fitness YouTuber, you can host a giveaway for fitness equipment or if you are a cosmetics brand, you can giveaway merchandise of your own.

You can also host giveaways with other collaborators that will make your channel look exciting and professional. Create a buzz and keep updating your followers by regularly uploading posts and video teasers on other social media channels as well.

10. Make use of YouTube tools:

After you have successfully gained sufficient subscribers, make use of the available tools to further enhance your content, grow your channel and create a further advanced strategy. Some of the free tools you can use are given below:

1. Tubebuddy:

Tubebuddy is an excellent extension that lets you manage your YouTube channel effectively and effortlessly.

This software will help you enhance your optimization and helps to increase your video ranking. The basic plan is free of charge.

2. Social blade: 

This software helps you prepare your analytics research using the data it provides. It provides you with your progress rate, estimated reach, reports on earnings etc. The basic plan is free.

3. YouTube studio app: 

YouTube brings you this wonderful app for managing your YouTube channel. It provides easy infographics and analytics to track your performance and helps you to manage comments and other enquiries. Available on both iOS and android and free of charge. 

4. Keyword tool: 

To help with your SEO of optimisation, keyword tool brings you keyword suggestions according to recent words and phrases searched on YouTube. In this way, you do not have to conduct your own keyword research. The basic plan is free.

5. VidiQ: 

VidiQ is marketing software to organically expand your YouTube reach.

It offers features like keyword suggestions, information on competitors, trending topics etc. It provides information on which days and times are right to upload your videos in order to receive maximum engagements. The basic plan is free. Switch to a premium plan for advanced features. 

What are the best YouTube tools to enhance the content?

The best YouTube tool to enhance content would be a good camera. You can use a GoPro or even your smartphone. If you use a microphone to improve your video’s audio quality, you will get better results.

Next, it is essential to use good video editing software. In my opinion, Adobe Premiere Pro is the best. A good thumbnail is also really important; it can boost the CTR and is one of the main factors in your YouTube success. You can make better thumbnails with Canva. The best thing about Canva is that anyone can use it and it’s fully packed with beautiful templates. You can create attractive thumbnails in a few minutes.

Finally, you can use VidIQ, a Google Chrome extension to analyze YouTube analytics data and information about other YouTube channels and their videos.

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11. Use video editing tools: video editing YouTube channel

To make your videos look more appealing and attractive, make use of video editing software which are YouTube optimised.

These can be either free of cost or paid.

If you want to professionally edit videos, make sure you understand the features of these softwares well before subscribing to their premium plan.

Here, we have listed some of the best apps and software for video editing for YouTube:

1. Adobe premiere pro CC: 

This is a very popular tool for video editors that helps you modify and adjust filters, add audio and provides a convenient overall app function. It is a paid software. 

2. Lightworks: 

Light works is a great software for video editing. It is perfect for bloggers, music creators and gamers. Light works is a cost-free software.

3. Filmora: 

If you are not professional in video editing, Filmora is just for you. It has a user-friendly interface and basic to advanced features to get you started as a beginner. The basic plan is free. 

The takeaway:

YouTube is a highly popular platform till date and its users continue to rise every year.

Although it can be difficult to stand out amongst millions of users, remember that you are only competing between a lesser group that is your niche.

Once you are successful in implementing the above steps, you can incorporate sponsored ads and paid content as well.

You can monetize your channel and even earn a good sum from it.

YouTube extends its support to premium creators and those who are regularly striving to make it at the top of the list.

We hope this step-by-step guide has helped you kickstart your YouTube channel and we wish you all the best!

This is a guest post written by Anushka Bhargava. You can find her on Instagram @FandBRecipes, Twitter @FandBRecipes, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn. She regularly contributes a Food Guest Post on F and B Recipes.

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