Every online business owner knows that having a website running a virtual shop needs customers for sales, and makes sales turn into profits. 

But there are so many competitors that own websites just like any other online business owner too. So the question is how you can attract more targeted customers to your website?

Here are some simple strategies that I’ve put together just for you, so you don’t have to go through a hard time testing which strategies work best for bringing traffic.

Article Marketing:

Article marketing is one of the free staples to website traffic that is always going to be targeted. There are some internet marketers that make their entire living from article marketing. 

Imagine waking up in the morning, or afternoon if you prefer, writing 5 to 10 articles, submitting them to top article directories, and when you are done, doing whatever you want with the rest of your day.

This is a reality for some people and these people are the ones that are using article marketing to get their targeted traffic. Read on to find out the basics of article marketing.

Basically, you will need to have a subject in mind and a few affiliate product websites or Google AdSense websites to promote with your articles. Then, you need to brainstorm a list of possible article titles.

The longer the list is the better because you will have more choices to write about. 

Last, you need to research and start writing your articles. Submit them one by one to the top article directories, then take one out of every ten or so and submit them all over the web to as many free article directories as you can find.

Article marketing is easy and is one of the top free marketing strategies. You can use article marketing to create a flood of quality targeted traffic to your website, blog, Google AdSense sites, or affiliate product sites.

PPC Advertising:

The first and by far the most well-known strategy to build website visitors will be by means of pay-per-click advertising strategies with Google and Bing. 

Pay per click promotion works in that the advertiser pays a bid sum for any specific key phrase. Using tools such as Semrush or Ahrefs can help you to unleash your competitors’ PPC strategy which can help you to beat them.

The largest bidder has their site show up higher up in the various search engines making sure that when their search phrase is looked up, it’s actually very likely their own advertisement may appear first. 

There exists a catch though, every time an individual clicks on your ad, you are going to pay out the total amount you bid for that key phrase. 

It’s actually crucial that you locate market key phrases which are not overloaded, and at the same time not necessarily dead either.


There are three main areas to be concentrating on when you are blogging to increase your website traffic. They are:

  1. encouraging existing contacts to come back more often
  2. adding a huge library of content to your website
  3. keeping your website fresh and interesting to the search engines

Encourage customers back:

A blog can be a method of communication for websites that already have some traffic. Whether they are customers or previous readers, this is where you will see the most benefits on the whole.

First, make sure that you have an obvious sign-up to your RSS feed and partner it with an email newsletter sign-up. 

Then, write plenty of interesting and valuable content that means that once someone lands on your site they will see the value of reading the posts and want to come back time and again.

This means straight away they are hooked as visitors but also means that they will become familiar with you and more likely to sign up for your products or services. 

Use the blog format to the best ability and display links to the most popular posts, which really can help to ensure that people want to sign up for whatever you have on offer.

A library of content:

Google, and other search engines, just love websites that have loads of good quality content that is interesting to human readers. 

By giving the search engines what they want they are more likely to return the favor by listing you higher in relevant search results. 

This means more search engine visitors and more chance of someone landing on your site and signing up as a regular reader.

Fresh content:

Keeping the search engines happy also involves convincing them that your information is current and relevant. 

By posting often and publishing the latest posts to your home page, you are achieving this freshness and satisfying what the search engines are craving.

Even a weekly post of your latest news and views shows to the search engines that you are maintaining the site and easy access to this latest information is a real bonus.

So, to increase your traffic through blogging you are going to give readers some content that they value with an easy way of accessing the latest posts. 

At the same time, you are providing the search engines with a huge stock of current content so that they know your site is updated frequently.

Use hosting providers such as Bluehost or Hostinger. Check out the comparison between Bluehost and Hostinger here so that you can make your choice.

Video and Forum Marketing:

Create videos and submit them on video-sharing sites. Have a report you are giving away, something on your blog people would be interested in? 

Copy the bullet points into a PowerPoint editor, get a screen capture software and you can do the narration. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just straight to the point and interesting. 

Use your targeted keywords in the title. Include your link if the viewer is interested further, they can read on, opt-in, download the PDF format, etc.

Participate in your niche’s forums, or start a new forum focusing on your niche. If people get to know you, you are being helpful on forums, comment on other people’s blogs, you are branding yourself. 

By branding yourself you are also building trust, and positioning yourself as an authority figure. If people start to trust you they are more likely to opt into your list or buy your products. Remember: people buy from people, not companies.

Collaborating with Blog Owners:

Working together with several other bloggers is definitely the proper thing to carry out as it will very easily do that in barely 2 months alone. It’s a wonderful preference to get more audience on your blog. 

Just how? One is to interview the favorite blogger within your niche. One more is that you may question many people and include their responses in your blog and finally, check the rankings of the leading blogs in your same niche.

Overseeing the rankings of the weblogs in your same niche is important. Do you understand the reason why? They might revisit your web blog to be familiar with their own rankings. 

Well, for you to let them know, you need to congratulate these people for the high rankings they obtained. That can gain you traffic, using other people attempting to frequently find their standings and ranks in your blog site.


To make the website popular and get potential visitors, you must have to do hard work and invest your precious time. Even if you have a professional and up-to-date website you may not receive the expected traffic to your website. 

This is where Search Engine Optimization is getting its importance. SEO activities are vital for the popularity and traffic of the website.

Your website content plays a major role in increasing traffic. Searching for the right keyword that best matches the content is very important. Keep the content updated, precise and informative.

For business websites, the next important thing is the title tags on every page of the website. 

The title tag should be keyword rich and this helps the search engines to find your web page and thus increase the chance of your web page getting indexed by the search engine and listing the page on the top list of the result page. 

Creating blogs related to the products and services offered on your website can increase the number of visitors to your website.

Choosing the right keyword is important and more important is to have a proper keyword density. Keyword density should be about 2% of the total content of the web page. The keyword phrases should not be too lengthy.

Writing Newsletters:

First, try writing a newsletter about the products you are promoting. This might seem difficult, at first, but in this information age, there is no shortage of content on anything you want to write about. 

I am not saying that it will be easy to write your first newsletter, but once you get the first one out there, the next ones seem very simple. After writing your newsletter, send it to all of your contacts. In this first newsletter ask for their help. 

Ask what is most interesting to them and what they would like to hear about. Make this an interactive newsletter. 

Also, make sure you tell them to forward this newsletter onto their contact list, so they can sign up as well. You would be surprised at how many new people sign up on your list just through referrals.

Always Create Valuable and unique content:

The purpose of your website is to bring value to your web visitors. Do you do this on your site?

Sit down and for a moment imagine who your typical customers are. When they turn on the computers, what is in their mind? What problems are they encountering on a daily basis? 

Once you have an idea, go ahead and provide a solution to your website.

Your content needs to be original. That means you have not gone to some website and ‘copy pasted’ content. In this respect avoid rewriting or paraphrasing people’s articles or blogs.

When your content is unique, you will realize that more and more traffic will come from backlinks and people referring your website to their friends. 

The biggest challenge in creating unique content is laziness. We are all lazy; we do not want to do research or work hard. You can resolve to overcome this. Stand out of the crowd.


By following the above methods to increase website traffic, you will definitely see a massive change in your website’s traffic. 

But first of all, you will need to prepare yourself so you stay determined and patient in the next several weeks. 

It will take time to build your customer base and have a reliable network that will keep coming in and out of your website. 

Regardless of the type of program or approach you use, it will require some weeks or months before you get loyal and repeat customers. The results will also take some time so you shouldn’t rush to get quick profits from potential clients.

You should also carefully plan and prepare how you will reach and attract customers in the next several weeks. It will be wise if you have a plan set for the next 3 to 6 months.

Only make minor adjustments, so you stick to your budget and get the leads you need. 

There are different types of leads, so you have to focus on the visitors who will actually be interested in your company and actually purchase your goods.

This is a guest post written by Shubham Chopra


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