Where your business ranks determine the amount of traffic your startup gets. A process like ‘link building’ helps businesses to rank highly in search results. This increases website traffic. It allows other niche websites to link to your site and improve brand visibility. 

Ranking in the first pages of search results is important for customer engagement. Statistics show that 75% of online users do not look beyond the first page of Google search results.

That is why you need to focus on link-building strategies. These strategies will help you get high-quality backlinks. The quality of links you get helps you rank higher. Here are ten link building strategies for startups.

Importance of Quality Backlinks

Backlinks can signal Google that you provide valuable content in a particular niche. This is unique content that other websites find useful. Search engines rank websites with backlinks well in SERPs, but not all backlinks are good. 

Bad backlinks can come from sites that are not trusted or from black hat methods of link building. That is why the Penguin algorithm was launched to stop such bad linking practices.

Focus your backlink building on finding quality links. This will improve your website ranking while adding value to your audience. Here is how you can identify quality links.

Page Authority

When an authoritative page links to your business website, it passes the authority to you. An authoritative web page is a source of useful information. It provides reliable content users can trust. Look for links from high-authority web pages. Avoid web pages with lesser authority. Gaining links from such authoritative blog posts allows Google to rank your business.

Site Authority

Quality links come from authoritative sites. When a  website with an authoritative domain links to your startup, it makes a bigger impact. Getting links from such authoritative sites might not be easy. 

Google recognizes links with site authority on your website. This makes your business rank higher in search results.

Site Relevance

Quality links come from sites that are relevant to your website’s niche. This means the theme of your website and the site that is linking to you should be closely related. 

Such links are likely to be topically similar and benefit the audience. Site relevance is important because Google uses it to understand your business. This includes understanding your niche, services, and products. 

Add relevant links to content. This helps to prevent black hat methods of link building. Google requires that such links appear naturally in your content. It should also add value to readers who visit the site. The following are strategies of link building.

White Hat Strategy

Building backlinks using the white hat method adds value to users. It enhances their experience. 

This strategy is an SEO practice that links a webpage to other relevant content on the internet. It helps provide users with quality content while organically improving the webpage ranking.

1. Guest Blogging Method

Guest blogging is one of the well-known ways of building backlinks. It involves offering valuable and unique content. For example, you can write case studies to a different audience in the same niche. 

For example, writing blog posts for a high authority domain like NY Times is more impactful. After writing you link back to your website.

Providing useful insights to audiences makes you a thought leader in your industry. It increases your chances of getting more visitors to your site. 

When writing, use strategies that will improve the Google ranking of your startup. Link doctor strategies drive business results through organic link building. The quality links improve lead generation, business ranking, and help generate high revenue. 

Such ethical white hat strategies produce exceptional business results. The results emphasize quality over quantity. 

2. Broken Backlinks Method

Reaching out to websites and reporting broken links is an effective link-building strategy. This method involves finding websites in your niche and checking their resource page. 

If the link to the resource page is broken, you can contact the owner, tell them the exact situation, and offer to help. Provide value to the site owner in a helpful and friendly manner. You can offer your guest post as a resource instead of linking to a broken page.

The help you offer is an alternative to the broken links, which include your website’s link. 

3. Infographics Link Building Method


Infographics are easy-to-understand content that people share widely. Such content leads to more backlinks to your website. 

Create an infographic with an interesting story. Using the right methods will increase engagement and backlinks. For example, you can start by finding trending topics. You can also collect data before creating an infographic. 

Write a story about your infographic. Make sure your content is unique and interesting. It should capture your audience’s attention.

4. Brand Mentions

A business can mention your business without linking to your products or services. This is an opportunity to reach out and ask them to link to your startup. 

Look for sites that mention your brand positively to their audience. Their audiences are potential customers in your niche. 

These customers can quickly click and buy from your business. This is because they trust the site that mentioned your products. Brand mentions create brand awareness that leads to high sales and revenue. 

Follow up any content that mentions your services, slogan, or products. Requests them to link to you.

5. Share Content on Social Platforms

social media

Engage your audience where they hang out. Actively post your content on social media. Share your new posts, updates, or images on different platforms. 

This will boost your engagement and extend your brand reach. The links you share will direct visitors to your website. It will also increase your business visibility. 

6. Build Backlinks from Projects You Sponsor

Many nonprofit organizations, conferences, or webinars may champion a particular cause. You may want to support this cause. You can also get a backlink to your website when you support a cause you believe in. 

Supporting such events means your logo and link will be displayed at the event. It will also be put on the organization’s website. People who visit these websites can click the links and access your business. 

This helps create brand awareness. You also get an authoritative backlink that improves your search engine ranking.

7. Interview an Influencer

Share the accomplishments of an influencer or an expert with a large following. This can happen in a podcast interview

Look for influencers in your niche who have accomplished something extraordinary. This will motivate your audience. Featuring influencers can inspire them to share your content. They can also share your links with their huge following. 

8. Expert Roundup Link Building Method

Building useful connections with complementary companies and experts can help you get backlinks. These connections can take part in roundups. This is where you ask questions and allow industry leaders to share their opinion on the topic. 

Many people will want to click and listen to expert advice. This leads to more content shares and high traffic to your website. 

These industry leaders will most likely share your link with many followers. Some of these backlinks come from major websites that boost your page authority. 

9. Research Using Link-Building Tools

Reach out to websites for backlink opportunities. Link-building tools like Semrush, Ahref, or Buzzstream can help you find contact information. Connect with prospects using this information. 

Such tools provide the information you need to send personalized emails to prospects. This increases your chances of getting good results from your email campaign. 

You can also follow up and track backlinks using these tools. This involves monitoring backlinks to ensure they do not disappear. If a link is not working, you can quickly contact the website owner to restore it.

10. Online Directories Link Building

Adding your startup to directories like Yelp, Bing, or Google Places can increase users. This is a way to achieve link building. Online users trust these directories and use them for searching particular business information. 

Listing your startup on directories helps customers find important information about companies. These are companies they are interested in. Listing your business also means you are likely to get high-quality traffic on your site.  This can convert to buying customers. 

Add your business to directories that match your niche. This will help boost your local SEO and increase your search result ranking.

Grey Hat Strategy

Grey hat is a combination of white and black hat methods of link building. It involves combining accepted link-building strategies and banned strategies. The aim is to improve web page ranking. 

For example, someone writes content about social sites.  They pay for them to link to a website and improve ranking. Google does not allow such methods of link building. This is because they do not focus on providing high-value content to users. A common example of gray hat strategy include:

11. Posting Blog Comments

Helpful comments on a blog post in your niche can help you connect with an online community. It can also help you build backlinks. Such backlinks generate traffic to your website, which is good for business. 

Make sure your comment adds value to the reader and contributes to the topic of discussion. Posting nonsense and irrelevant comments can be considered spamming and bad for SEO. Google flags such comments and marks them as spam. 

Black Hat Strategy

Black hat is a link-building strategy that does not add value to the content users. The main purpose of this method is to improve website ranking. Such practices violate the terms that search engines set for SEO.

12. Content With Unrelated Links

A website with many links unrelated to the page’s content uses a black hat to get backlinks. Google penalizes such activities because they do not serve the end-user. 

13. Link Farm

Link farms are websites that do not have any content. Instead, they feature many unrelated links to other sites. They do not provide organic links or add value to online users. There is no long-term value for link farms and when Google discovers link farms they are punished.

Key Takeaway

Link building is one of the best ways to improve traffic and ranking in search engines.  Startups benefit when website traffic increases, leading to business growth. 

Developing an effective strategy gives you the best results. This helps in reaching your desired goal. These results come from high-quality links. You need to consider the page authority, site authority, and relevance of a site to rank highly. It requires upfront effort to build quality backlinks, but it pays well in the long term. 

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