Hey there entrepreneurs!

Want to make some extra bucks by not working that hard?

Well, today I have provided you with a method from which you can make money by selling your own artwork on Print On Demand Companies. 

Print on demand is basically a business model in which you can make money by uploading your artwork on custom products like T-shirts, Mugs, Stickers, Notebooks, Hoodies, etc.

All of these products are provided by online Print on Demand Companies. You just have to make your own designs (which are not copyrighted) from software like Adobe Illustrator or Canva, etc.

Once you upload your designs, the Print on demand websites will list your design as a product that is for sale online and if someone buys it then the company will make it in their factory, ship it to the customer, then give you the artist commission. 

Now that you know what Print On Demand is, I am going to explain everything about making money with Print On Demand Websites.

How To Start Selling On Print On Demand Sites: 

So before starting let me tell you some Best Print On Demand Sites.

  1. Redbubble (my favorite)
  2. Etsy
  3. Merch By Amazon
  4. Teespring

Redbubble is my favorite site that I would recommend to all the beginners to start with because it offers a large variety of products and anyone can start selling right after creating their account.

Merch By Amazon is also a great way but getting into their program is a bit hard as it is by invitation only. You’ll need to apply on merch by amazon and they will review your application to see if you are eligible to become a seller or not. Usually, most people get rejected. However, if luck is in your hands and you get accepted, your products will also start popping up on Amazon.com and Amazon is the best online shopping platform in the world, so yeah you’ll make a lot of money from it! Now let’s start!


After you create your account, you’ll need to upload your designs on the sites. It is important that you make your designs yourself and do not copy someone else’s design or use copyrighted phrases and words like musical notes, famous quotes, actor names, etc. You can see other designs just for the sake of getting an idea of what your design should look like.


How To Make Designs? 

It is very easy to make good designs to sell on sites. You can use software like Canva, or Adobe illustrator to make them. Just make sure to make designs that are niche related and can attract an audience. For example, I make all designs related to cars.

Here’s a design that got great results for me, the best selling product for this design was a mug.

make good designs to sell on sites

Uploading and using keywords:

Uploading your designs is very easy but this is the part where most people fail. They don’t use keywords and do proper research.

Because Redbubble and merch by amazon are all search engines, products that are sold more have better and most related keywords and ranked better in search results.

So I highly suggest you use your main keyword in your title and description and adding tags is also very important. The more tags you add the better results you’ll get.

In Redbubble I think you can add up to 50 tags. Try to add all tags related to your topic for example for this specific design I will add, JDM, JDM CARS, JDM SPORTS CAR, EAT SLEEP JDM, RACE CAR, JAPAN, JAPANESE CARS, CAR GUYS, JDM LOVER, FANCY CARS, etc. 

Proven Strategies To Increase Sales

Print On Demand is not a quick-rich scheme, it can take time to get your first sale, but once you get the first sale, your rankings will start to go higher and you’ll see more and more visitors coming to your store.

In my experience, I was only getting 1-2 views a month. After 3 months I had 6 views and 1 sale. I was not expecting any sales. I woke up in the morning and read an email saying that I had made a sale, But after that my rankings started to get better and more and more people are coming. 

But the problem with most people is that they can’t wait that long! So you will definitely need to do some investment and use some strategies to increase sales. Here are some ways that will help you to get more sales. 

Buy it yourself

If you buy any of your products from the same account that has been used for your store, then you won’t see any results or rankings. Instead, you can ask your friend or a family member to buy it then you can pay him the money, in this way the sale will be considered as a pure organic sale which can help your designs to rank better.

Social Media Marketing

Another great way to improve your sales is by promoting your artwork by using platforms like Instagram and using paid ads.

However, it is quite unlikely for you to make any sale if you have zero experience as a digital marketer. You will get lots and lots of views but no sales.

Instead, you can make a niche-specific Instagram page to promote your artwork and use hashtags in your posts which will drive traffic to your posts.

Uploading your designs smartly

Print On Demand Websites like Redbubble has a large variety of products, which is a good thing but due to this most people completely ignore many products and do not upload designs on them, not knowing that those products could be the best selling ones on these sites.

So I highly recommend you to see which product is most famous on sites like Redbubble. I have found that stickers, mugs, and t-shirts are best on Redbubble.

Even though stickers are very cheap and won’t give you much commission, they are also sold more than everything else which means if you get one design right, you can also make as much money as a popular t-shirt if not more!

Final Thoughts: Step By Step Guide To Make Money With Print On Demand

So there you go guys, this was my article for you to Make Money With Print On Demand Websites

In the end, I will say that if you don’t have any money to invest in marketing, then patience and consistency are the keys to get more and more pure organic sales on sites like Redbubble or Merch by Amazon.

But once you get your first few sales, your rankings will completely boost up and you’ll see sales increasing almost every week! Which can definitely make you a full-time income as well.

But because it takes some time to get to that point, I would say that Print On Demand Sites are a great way to make some extra bucks as a side earning and eventually it can turn into a full-time income. I hope you liked this article now it’s your turn to start it and don’t forget to leave your thoughts below! 

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