SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) you must have heard this before. The importance of SEO can’t be neglected at any cost. Not considering it as important as it is can have repercussions. This is something that makes your website rank better and most likely shows up your site at the top on search engines.

Content is the main component of SEO. There are different kinds of content you see on the internet. Some of them are unique and genuine, some are badly plagiarized and some are semi plagiarized.

What do you think?

Which content works best? 

Without having a second thought you know it’s only unique content that brings in quality web traffic.

Plagiarized content can harm your SEO in many ways. To avoid this plague you can utilize free plagiarism checkers present online.

These tools will help you get rid of any kind of plagiarized phrases or content. Being confident about your content’s originality is very important for your SEO. And this will lead your site and business towards success.

SEO and Its Importance

To boost the quality and quantity of web traffic on your site, the process used to make it possible to rank your site in the top priorities of search engines is called SEO.

It includes several steps or tasks, such as creating high-quality and genuine content, obtaining backlinks, and optimizing the content with keywords.

Wondering how SEO is helpful and so important?

Let’s have a look at the advantages it provides.

  • It will make people aware of your site.
  • Help them invest their loyalty and trust.
  • Brings in quality web traffic. And to get a good audience you have to take advantage of two types of SEO. On-Page and Off-Page SEO.
  • Promotes your business on a daily basis.
  • SEO will help you improve your digital marketing.
  • Keeps an eye on every stage of purchasing funnel.
  • SEO assists you to achieve more sales and more market shares for your business.
  • SEO can help you rule out your competitors. Isn’t this amazing? Clearly YES.
  • Your digital marketing strategy can outclass because of SEO.
  • The cost of advertising will be as low as you can think of.
  • Each member of your target audience will be reached out by SEO.
  • Long-term success is ensured with SEO.
  • It provides a user-friendly experience.
  • The conversion rate of your site will be high.
  • Social media following will boost. In this world of technology, it plays a very important role in your success.
  • SEO can help you improve your ROI, with great content.
  • The speed of your site will be enhanced.


Copying or stealing the idea, thought, words, or the whole content is known as plagiarism.

Trying to do your work as quickly as you can, but opting for copy/paste or replicating someone else’s work will not do the job. Plagiarism is illegal as well as unethical.

It leaves a shameful impact on your readers or customers. It will prove to be a virus for you and your business.

People think of it as an easy-to-do thing without considering its consequences. Instead of helping you to achieve your goal, it will ruin it.

Some of the very important plagiarism examples from history are listed below. They have been extracted from the website mentioned below.


No 1. Alex Haley’s Roots vs. Harold Courlander’s The African. These two books were similar to each other to another whole level.

No 2. Melania Trump plagiarizes Michelle Obama’s speech from 2008.

No 3. Martin Luther King Jr vs Archibald Carey Jr. Martin Luther was accused of plagiarizing the speech “I Have a Dream” for “Let Freedom Ring”.

All these cases make it clear that plagiarism is not an option to go for. It can damage your reputation.

You can see more examples from the link mentioned above.

Plagiarism can directly hit your SEO and website because people will detect the copied content. Consequently, they will stop visiting your site or in some cases can report it.

Google can find it difficult to crawl into and index your site if it contains duplicate or stolen data/content.

Plagiarism and SEO

There are many factors responsible for the betterment or damage to your website. They can be anything from low optimization to duplicated content.

You should be well aware of the elements which can hurt your SEO.

If your content gets matched to any other available content online it will lower the position of your site on the search engine result page.

Crawlers are used by Google to survey the webpages with copied or plagiarized content. If it finds one it is uncertain that Google will show up your site on the first page.

Let’s see what happens when your Content is plagiarized?

It will affect your SEO badly. Which will result in the following outcomes.

1. Low ranking on search engine result pages:

When a command is given to Google it uses its crawlers to check pages for that command. It will detect similar pages and will crawl through them to see how much content is repeated. It will pick out the most original and unique content containing a page and will show that to users. Including plagiarized content on pages will be its lowest priority.

Google will not rank your site for the top search engine result pages. It means the probability for your website to get familiar with people will become very low.

2. Lack of trust and loyalty:

Expectations of people are very high with you and your content. They are hoping to see something different and new on the platform.

What they need is the answers to their unanswered queries. Plagiarized content can never do this because that data is already on the internet. You can help them with only new content.

But if they will find that same old content, there will be questions about your credibility and originality. People won’t be interested in your website and business. They will have an impression of you for providing them with copied material. They will not be able to put trust in your business and will not invest their loyalty. The end will be the loss of customers and audience.

3. No quality web traffic:

Quality web traffic asks for quality content. Quality content can never be duplicated or repeated.

Plagiarized material available on your site will not be able to attract an audience. You will be out of quantity and quality web traffic. 

People are always looking for new and unprecedented material. Quality visitors to your site will go away if they do not get fresh content.

4. No promotion of your business:

If your site is liked by visitors and audience it means you have a great SEO. Ultimately, this will help your site to be ranked in top positions for search engine result pages.

But if your content will be plagiarized, Google won’t show your site more often or at top results. This will result in low visibility and no promotion of your content or business.

5. Marketing will be affected:

Digital marketing is interrelated with your SEO. SEO helps improve your marketing. But if the content present on your site will be plagiarized it will affect SEO and eventually, your marketing will be harmed.

6. Low sales and lack of shares:

Bad and copied SEO means low sales, low leads, and lack of shares in your business. Because of plagiarized content, your rank in search engines will drop causing a decrease in these perks. You will not be shown on the first page of the search engine and this will lead to a fewer clicks and fewer visitors on your page.

7. Lose battle against competitors:

To compete with your contenders you need to have something out of the box and exclusive. Plagiarism is a threat to the growth of your business. If your competitors will come out with new material and content, they will be real players of this race. You will be left behind leaving a mark of incompetence.

8. Low Return On Investment:

Great content = high ROI and low/plagiarized content = low ROI. Low-quality content means fewer visitors and fewer visitors’ means less investment and less loyalty of customers. When there will be less investment automatically your return on investment will also below.

9. Google can ban your site:

Sometimes Google can ban your site if they find out that your content is plagiarized to a great extent. Your site will no longer be accessible on the internet.

What are different kinds of plagiarism?

There are 3 main types of plagiarism.

  • Copy and paste
  • Inadvertent plagiarism
  • Patchwriting

Copy and paste:

When you go to the site or sources, select the phrases and copy them to paste on your own site and you make no changes to the content and place it in the same words on your platform it is considered copy and pasted.

Inadvertent plagiarism:

Plagiarism done unintentionally is counted as inadvertent. Sometimes you can even copy your content related to the same niche. It happens because the internet serves you articles with keywords having specific phrases or concepts. It can be termed accidental plagiarism.

Patch writing:

It is a kind of plagiarism people think is a safe option. It is not. In this writers take the whole idea or content from somewhere else and rewrite it in their own words. If you are thinking of trying it, don’t be silly. Your rewritten article will be counted as the worst due to old content. If you want your website to rank higher your content should be unique and fresh.

Above mentioned types are the most common. And if you think you won’t be caught, you are wrong. There are things like Google Panda and Rank Brain to detect plagiarized sites and pages. You should avoid all of them if you want your site to be in the top positions of SERPs. There are many ways to avoid or eliminate plagiarism. To count are citations, references, and plagiarism checkers.

Plagiarism checkers are the best tools to check if your content is duplicated or having totally unique and unrepeated content. Most of these plagiarism checkers are free. Prepostseo is one of the most trusted tools for this purpose. Let’s have a look at it.

Prepostseo plagiarism checker:

plagiarism checker

After going to the browser, type Prepostseo plagiarism checker and there appears this website in front of you.

Open it and you will find the check plagiarism free tool, There will be an input box to enter your content there. You can copy and paste it or can upload it through a drive or any folder of PC. After that click the button “Check plagiarism”. You will get your result in percentages.

How bad plagiarized content can hurt your SEO

This above-pasted screenshot tells you that your content is 100% unique without any plagiarism.


Plagiarized content is very harmful for your SEO and your website. It can lead you downwards instead of leading you towards growth. You should create your own ideas and words. Utilize the free plagiarism checkers available online, like Prepostseo.

Key takeaways:

  • SEO is essential for your business website.
  • Unique content is a yardstick for the growth and promotion of your website.
  • Plagiarized content will destroy your reputation as well as your business goals.
  • Duplicated material will badly affect your SEO and your site will not be ranked high in SERPs.
  • Use free plagiarism checkers to figure out if your content is plagiarism-free or not.

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