Social Media Marketing is the form of advertising of products/services by using social media platforms to build their brand, increase their sales, and generate traffic on their websites by publishing content on social media.

It helps in understanding the requirements/needs of the followers by connecting them, analyzing the outcomes, and releasing social media advertisements.

Recently the most preferred social media platforms for marketing are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat.

But, nowadays various businesses use social media for various purposes other than publishing the content.

For example,

A business concerned about the views of people about its brand would monitor the online conversations and response to the relevant mentions; i.e., social media listening and engagement; a business concerned about its performance on the social media platform would analyze its reach, engagement, and sales with the help of an analytics tool; i.e., social media analytics; and a business that wants to reach its target customers at scale would run highly targeted social media advertisements; i.e., social media advertising.

Through social media it has become easy to bring forth leads for the product. This has accelerated the business of lead generation companies.

In short, these are often known as social media management.

Two Pillars Of Social Media Marketing

Two main pillars of social media marketing are:

1. Strategy


Before directly publishing something on social media we need to look at the bigger picture.

First, we have to find out our goals and the ways in which social media can help your business. As some businesses use social media to increase their brand awareness, some use it to increase the traffic and sales on their websites. 

Next, we have to analyze which social media platforms we should focus on; such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat.

Other than these, there are also various small and upcoming platforms like Tumblr, TikTok, and Anchor; there are also some social messaging platforms like Messenger, Whatsapp, Wechat, and Telegram. The choice of a social media platform depends upon the possibility of reaching the target customers efficiently.

Then, we have to decide what type of content we are going to share.

Which type of content will attract the target customers?

Are we going to share images, videos, or links?

Educational or entertainment?

To understand this we can start by creating a market persona that helps answer these questions. The strategy can be changed according to the performance.

2. Planning


There is over 3000000000 population around the world which is present on social media.

By being present on social media, you create an opportunity for your brand to be discovered by your future customers all around the world.

Publishing on social media is as simple as posting a video, image, or link on your profile.

But you have to decide the type of content which will attract the customers the most. Also, you’ll want to plan your content ahead of time rather than creating and publishing it spontaneously.

In order to maximize your reach on social media, you’ll need to publish the content at the right time and frequency.

Social media has been and is still an important channel for marketing, the increasing use, and rapidly evolving features also play a part in why social media is a growing channel in marketing. 

One of the problems that marketers are facing is the ability to measure social media marketing ROI. It can be done by setting the goals and tracking their progress. 

Why Is It Important?

There are many reasons why it is necessary:

  • It allows you to see if and where the efforts and assets are being used effectively.
  • It helps in the estimation of online networking to your goals and objectives.
  • It helps you to determine where to spend more and where to pull back 
  • It helps you find the gaps in your marketing, all the keyholes in your approach.

Ways To Boost Your Social Media Marketing ROI:

Choose the perfect channel

Choose the perfect channel

Many people do not focus on this part but it is one of the most important factors that can make a huge difference. The network you use and the work you do should fit the channel you use for marketing. It would help you attract a lot more customers. 

Premium Content

The content one publishes should be of good quality else it is suicidal. There are many networking channels that help you create solid messages.

A few of them are Tumblr, WordPress, and other channels. Also, you should post at a fixed time interval not anytime, this way the target audience will know. CRM Strategy is boosted as they get the best contents that are useful for both parties creating a win-win situation.

Share the customers reviews

Share the customers reviews

As you all know the people trust their fellow customers. People trust social media images shared by customers more than they do by the company itself.

So make your loyal customers share the things out there on social media. This also helps in Email Marketing as the reviews are shared on email and hence increase the marketing through email.

Post frequently (Even on Sundays)

Post frequently

According to a study, most of the social media crowd is active on Sunday and they have time on their hands to read some stuff and do something that is not actual work. So posting on Sunday and taking leave on Monday’s can be far more beneficial. 

Some other ways to boost are

  • Starting a social selling process online reusing your past used contents
  • Joining discussions on Reddit or any other channel

Final Thoughts: Simple Ways To Boost Your Social Media Marketing ROI

These are some of the splendid ways to foster your social media marketing ROI.

Analyzing your performance is a must, and campaign-specific UTM parameters can help you do just that.

You can always focus your efforts on a particular thing after analyzing your tactics. Of course, retargeting people who have shown an interest in your brand will help you drive better ROI.

Most importantly, leverage real people in your campaign – whether they’re influencers or everyday consumers. 

For improving your ROI, one has to earn people’s trust. Once you are down to basics, you can optimize your techniques using these tips.

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