Nowadays, I am being asked “Why do I switch from Typeform to SurveySparrow on a regular basis? So, I have decided to write this comprehensive article in order to explain why I have started using SurveySparrow.

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The Importance of Surveys

Different business organizations and noncorporate associations conduct surveys to understand what individuals think about them.

The information collected from these surveys helps business associations to make better data-driven decisions. Surveys also provide an idea about what people like and dislike in a particular product.

Various online survey tools are also being used for receiving feedback about any particular product as well as for establishing much better customer relationships. Some of the most prominent online survey tools are Typeform, SurveySparrow, Google Forms, Jotform, Paperform, 123 Form Builder, and Wufoo.

In this article, I will discuss why I switched from Typeform to SurveySparrow. Furthermore, I will also discuss why I selected TypeForm earlier and what is the special thing about SurveySparrow.

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Why did I select Typeform earlier?

Typeform is one of the most popular and well-recognized online survey tools that are being used widely. Since the arrival of Typeform in 2012, it has established a pivotal place in the survey domain. It is famous for creating forms and surveys that people enjoy answering. Furthermore, it tries its best to grab the attention of the audience.

I chose Typeform earlier specifically because of these reasons. Honestly speaking, in the beginning, my experience with this tool was great. However, with time, I noticed some drawbacks in this tool that really changed my mood. Some of the prominent drawbacks that I found in the Typeform are;

  1. An obvious difference in the number of features that are being offered in the premium and free version of this tool.
  2. The price at which the premium version of Typeform is being offered is very high.
  3. The user interface for the basic users of this tool is quite difficult and annoying.
  4. Only one question is displayed at one time that was not appreciated by some of my users.

Because of the faced issues, I started looking for some better alternatives of Typeform, and then I discovered SurveySparrow.

SurveySparrow vs Typeform – Pricing comparison

SurveySparrow vs Typeform – Pricing comparison

Intro to SurveySparrow: a better alternative to Typeform

Typeform used to be my favorite earlier. However, the number of issues present in the free version of this tool and pricing strategies really turned me off. So, I started looking for a better alternative to Typeform.

Some of the most prominent alternatives to Typeform are SurveySparrow, Google Forms, Formstack, GetFeedback, Jotform, and Wufoo.

However, I ended up going for SurveySparrow. Considering the features present in it and the price at which it arrives totally baffled me at once. After comparing it with other online survey tools, I realized that SurveySparrow is an ideal solution for me.  

SurveySparrow provides an equally interesting experience not only for the targeted audience but also for the individuals who are expecting some useful insights from it.

The best part about this online survey tool is its conversational user interface which can keep the audience engaged for longer periods of time.

A better conversion rate can easily be expected thanks to its conversational interface. Another likable feature present in this tool is that it automates the tasks of sending different surveys.

Thus, it relieves the burden of doing such tasks manually. Thanks to the highly engaging survey experience it offers, one can expect a survey completion rate up to a whopping forty percent rate.

The surveys that are being generated via this tool are very lightweight and mobile-friendly. The basic variant of this tool is being offered at only 19$/month which makes it one of the most inexpensive online survey tools currently present in the market.


Why I prefer SurveySparrow: 10 Reasons

Some of the most prominent reasons why I prefer SurveySparrow are;

  1. It allows me to customize everything easily so that I could better reflect my brand. Brand identity really matters for me due to which I really feel very comfortable while using this tool.
  2. Apart from collecting data from different sources, it also allows me to assess and study results easily. I would also like to say that it allows me to use the best-performing channel for my data collection process.
  3. Thanks to SurveySparrow, I can easily manage, sort, and segment my contacts easily. The time which I used to waste while manually importing contacts, I can spend now on some better activities.
  4. Another best part about SurveySparrow is that it allows me to collect data no matter where I am and what time it is without having an active internet connection. It is so easy to utilize their in-built offline survey app. I can add and manage any number of offline devices I want.
  5. Because of the super-efficient in-built NPS Module, I can easily track my net promoter score. Thus, I can measure and improve customer loyalty. It allows me to track trends on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. There is no need for me to spend additional money on a separate NPS platform.
  6. A very reliable in-built 360 assessment module is present in this online survey tool that can be very helpful in boosting employee productivity. In addition to knowing the hidden strength and weaknesses of my employees, I also know where they could improve.
  7. Thanks to the offered advanced reports and analysis, I can easily extract meaningful insights from data. Advanced reports filters allow me to sort and filter the results in the way I want.  It is so easier and more manageable to make data-driven decisions with the help of provided insights.
  8. It is also quite easier to manage accounts and permissions effortlessly. It also provides the facility of setting up multiple sub-accounts.  
  9. Contacting their customer care team to get any sort of help I want is also quite easier. Their customer care team is very knowledgeable, kind, and helpful.
  10. I can also create a custom data center for my different projects. Because of it, I can ensure that I am obtaining data from the preferred geographical locations. 

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