Until recently, the term fintech was only understood by a small population of entrepreneurs in a niche market.

Now, though, almost a third of the world’s population relies on digital banking services that form the background of the financial technology sector. Fintech app developers currently have unique opportunities to capitalize on a growing market, but they can only accomplish that goal with strong marketing campaigns.

Find out about the seven best fintech marketing strategies below.

1. Differentiate the Brand

As fintech adoption becomes more widespread, there will be greater competition within the industry. Building a distinct brand with the help of a fintech marketing agency will make it easier for app developers to stand out. 

Differentiating a brand from the rest of the crowd requires coming up with unique methods, personalities, or value propositions.

For most developers, the value proposition is the factor that sets apps apart in a saturated market, so if that’s the case, be sure that marketing campaigns communicate it clearly to potential users.

2. Engage the Audience

Effective marketing campaigns for fintech apps must actively engage their target audiences. In most cases, that means developing a strong social media presence and a brand personality to go along with it.

Because people of all ages and from all demographics use social media regularly, those platforms provide a fantastic resource for engaging with any target audience.

Social media engagement doesn’t mean just posting ads every day. It requires authentic communication with actual users.

Developing a quirky brand personality is also a good way for app developers to differentiate themselves from other fintech social media accounts.

3. Focus on Mobile Users

These days, the majority of Internet users browse sites, post on social media, and engage with the internet via smartphones, and that trend is expected to continue. 

Fintech app developers already know that, which is why they’re focusing specifically on app creation, but for whatever reason, not all developers understand that the same principles carry over to marketing campaigns.

The average attention span of a mobile internet user is around eight seconds, so that’s how long ads have to capture their attention. A frictionless mobile experience across all devices and campaigns is the first key to attracting smartphone and other mobile device users and keeping them interested.

To sweeten the deal, mobile responsiveness also happens to be a confirmed Google ranking factor.

4. Create Valuable Content

The goal of the fintech industry is to take the complex concept of finance and turn it into an easy, relatable field that can be understood by modern users.

This requires a lot of educational content including blog posts as well as videos, webinars, and interactive quizzes.

Just keep in mind that all of the content created should be accessible and match the brand’s personality and voice.

5. Prioritize Customer Service as a Value Proposition

If value propositions drive most users to fintech apps, there are few things better than developing a reputation for excellent customer service.

It may seem like this technique will only help developers hold onto existing customers, but in fact, word travels fast and most marketers consider word-of-mouth advertising to be the most effective way to boost conversion rates.

The bottom line here is that app developers should consider customer service a solid foundation for building a stand-out app, not an add-on feature.

6. Use influencers

Influencers are people who have a large social media following and can help you to promote your brand.

Look for influencers who have a large following in the financial sector and who are likely to be interested in your products or services.

You can contact influencers directly to ask if they would be interested in working with you.

Alternatively, you can use an influencer marketing agency like Zillion Media to reach more than 24 million people.

7. Use Content Marketing

One of the best fintech marketing strategies is content marketing.

Content marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

The goal of content marketing is to drive profitable customer action by creating and distributing valuable content.

Content marketing can be used to promote your fintech business in a variety of ways, such as through blog posts, eBooks, infographics, case studies, and more.

Ask the Pros

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