Since its launch in early 2020, I heard a lot about how Trinka is the next big thing. It was touted as the world’s most advanced AI writing assistant designed for academic, scientific, technical, and business writing. After resisting for months, I finally decided to give it a shot in October 2020. Now that I’ve been using Trinka for over 4 months, I believe this is the perfect time to write a detailed review of my experience with Trinka.

Let’s begin with the basics.

What does Trinka do?

Along with the basic grammar checks, it corrects complex language errors in elements such as sentence structure, word choice, and technical spellings that no other technical & academic writing checkers do. Trinka recognizes the differences in writing styles among subjects and provides corrections specific to the subject of the paper. Moreover, Trinka works in real-time to understand each word typed in the context of the writing and the subject.

Trinka is Completely Free!

Every premium writing assistant gives only the basic features free of cost & charges (at times, too much) for the best features. Trinka provides all the amazing features free of cost. This sets Trinka apart from the competition.

Who all can benefit most from Trinka?

  • Researchers
  • Professors and academicians 
  • Students 
  • Schools & Universities
  • Bloggers
  • Content marketers and copywriters
  • Authors
  • Prepress houses
  • Publishers
  • Anyone who writes in English often
  • People with English as a second language

What makes Trinka Better than other Leading Writing Assistants?

  • Most Accurate Grammar Corrections For Technical & Academic Writing

Trinka achieves a 92% accuracy (the highest ever by an AI writing assistant / AI proofreading tools in this field of writing) in correcting grammar errors typical in academic & technical writing.

  • Advanced Language Error Corrections – Exclusive Trinka Feature

No other academic & technical writing checker comes close to Trinka in correcting difficult language errors such as technical spellings, word choice, sentence structure & plenty more.

  • Subject-Specific Corrections – Exclusive Trinka Feature

Trinka’s AI has been trained with the best manuscripts across all subjects. It understands the differences in writing styles among subjects and provides subject-specific corrections.

  • Word Count Reduction – Exclusive Trinka Feature

Trinka is the only writing assistant that identifies lengthy phrasing and offers concise & relevant alternatives.

  • Enhancements for Objective Language – Exclusive Trinka Feature

Trinka identifies biased language and offers corrections with suggestions to make the writing impartial, as preferred by journals.

  • Enhancements for Specific Language – Exclusive Trinka Feature

Trinka recognizes vague phrasing and corrects the writing for specificity, helping in elevating the writing quality to global publication standards.

What are Trinka’s Top Features?

Auto File Edit

It saves you time and enhances your writing’s language quality. Simply upload your paper & let Trinka auto-edit it in minutes; you can then download the edited file with track changes. You also get a language quality score, customized grammar, and word choice corrections in compliance with popular academic style guides.

Consistency Check

It detects and corrects all inconsistencies and lets you revise them with one click to ensure your document meets the journal’s style guide. Its ability to quickly correct inconsistencies even in large documents lets you save a significant amount of time.

Publication Readiness Check

To assess your manuscript’s fitness for journal submission, it conducts 20+ checks, ranging from Journal Selection to Ethical Compliance. Moreover, to help you decide the right journal for your research, Trinka recommends journals that best match your research ideas to maximize your publication chances.

What all Checks does Trinka Cover?

  • Advanced Grammar Checker: Corrects 3000+ complex grammar errors that other tools don’t.
  • Sentence Structure: Structures your sentences correctly considering your subject, making your writing easy to understand.
  • Word Choice: Fixes incorrect use of words & makes your message crystal clear.
  • Usage and Style: Corrects phrasing and gives your writing a formal tone.
  • US/UK Style: Lets you choose the US or UK English to make your writing fit for your audience and journal style. 
  • Advanced Spelling: Contextual spell check helps you pick the right word for your subject. Say goodbye to awkward spelling errors.
  • Style Guide Preferences: Suggests phrasing preferred by style guides such as AMA and APA.
  • Word Count Reduction: Makes redundant and wordy phrases concise so you can meet journal guidelines easily.
  • Unbiased Language: Corrects biased and insensitive language.
  • Vague Language: Helps you make your writing specific & direct to enable effective communication.
  • Technical Phrasing: Suggests the right words to use for your subject area to make your content relatable to your readers. 
  • Academic Tone: Gives your writing a professional tone so you can impress your readers. 

How and where can you use Trinka?

  • Trinka Cloud: You can use simply sign-up and use Trinka for free directly on the website. 
  • Browser Plug-in: You can easily download the plug-in for your browser, & it will correct your writing in real-time as you write across multiple websites. The browser plug-in is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • MS Word Plug-in: If you prefer to write content in your familiar MS Word documents, then download their MS Word plug-in.
  • Trinka for Enterprise: Trinka Enterprise gives unlimited access to multiple user accounts of your organization or university – no matter the size.

Is the Sign-up Process Simple?

Yes, it is.

All you have to do is go to the Trinka website, click the “Sign up for Free” tab near the top right corner, fill in your Name, Email ID, & Password, and hit “Register.” That’s all. You can immediately start enjoying all of Trinka’s range of features for free. 

Trinka Review – The Verdict – 4.5  

Frankly, I was a bit skeptical when I first started using Trinka. But the more I used Trinka, the more convinced I got about its unique capabilities & highly beneficial exclusive features. 

The first aspect that stood out to me was its user-friendliness – it showed that Trinka’s multi-faceted team excels in cutting-edge technology, design aesthetics & user experience. There on, Trinka moves from strength to strength given the range of dynamic corrections it provides; the learning tips not only correct your paper but also give a precise explanation of the changes made; it also offers relevant suggestions to make your writing better. The best part is, every time I use Trinka, it also makes me a better writer.

Now, I use Trinka for all my writing needs – it works great & keeps evolving with timely updates. You can give Trinka a shot too. It will surely be worth it.

This is a sponsored post by Trinka. I received compensation but this post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsor. If you want to submit a sponsored post, sponsored paragraphs, or collaborate with me in any other way, contact me.