Tailwind now has a forever-free version instead of a free trial.

Before you can try Tailwind Create, you need to have a Tailwind account. You can try Tailwind for free through this link.

You’ll get these features on the free version of Tailwind:

  • All free signups will now have 20 posts per month to publish on Pinterest and Instagram. This change means we will now have free accounts rather than free trials!
  • On top of 20 published posts per monthfree members will also have 20 Tailwind Create posts to use every month
  • Free accounts can use Tailwind Create to make 20 posts per month
  • Free accounts will have 5 Tailwind Communities with 30 submissions per month

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Why Your Blog Needs Tailwind for Pinterest + Tailwind Create

I absolutely love Pinterest. 

And here’s why many bloggers and I love Pinterest so much:

  • When it comes to traffic generation, SEO and other social media take time, but Pinterest reacts in just one day!
  • It drives massive traffic to my blog. Over 65% of my total traffic comes from Pinterest.
  • Pinterest is full of awesome images, and it’s full of content ideas.
  • Pins can drive traffic to your blog regularly.
  • Sometimes pins go viral and you can get massive traffic from a single viral pin.

So, If you’re a struggling beginner blogger, you can implement Pinterest to drive targeted traffic to your blog to easily convert your baby blog into a money-making blog.

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However, it takes so much time to make pins for my blog posts and pin them to Pinterest, which leaves me with less time to actually write amazing blog posts. But Pinterest can bring FREE targeted traffic to your blog, so it is important.

Once I started using Tailwind for Pinterest, I could schedule my pins to be saved to my most relevant boards in no time.

And there’s a new useful feature in Tailwind – Tailwind Create!

Tailwind Create helps you design beautiful pins to share with your audience faster than ever before – it’s super fun to use!

Tailwind Create Review – Let Tailwind Design Engaging PINS for you.

With Tailwind Create, Tailwind has developed a cool new feature that I’m sure you will love. It’s all about creating engaging Pinterest pins for you.

Yes, that is right, this new tool lets you create hundreds of different pins so that you can choose the best ones to publish.

I’ve been scheduling my pins with Tailwind for a while now and I love how it saves so much time. And now, with Tailwind Create I will save even more time because I can create, schedule, publish, and analyze all my pins from one place!

Who is Tailwind Create For?

Tailwind Create is ideal for bloggers, Pinterest Virtual Assistants, social media managers, and anyone else who wants to create unique Pinterest pin designs in a few clicks.

It’s a perfect tool for people who have no design skills but want to create beautiful pins without much effort.

If you’d like to increase your productivity and wanna design beautiful and engaging Pinterest pins try out Tailwind Create for free here.

Tailwind Create was previously available for only Pinterest but now, you can design Amazon graphics for your Facebook and Instagram using Tailwind Create. 

Is Tailwind Worth It?

Tailwind saves me so much time that I highly recommend it.

Moreover, Tailwind Create allows me to save even more time.

By creating, scheduling, publishing, and analyzing your Pinterest pins in one place, this new tool will help you streamline your Pinterest scheduling even more.

The best thing about Tailwind Create:

  • It takes just a few seconds to pick a design and make the necessary edits.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a design novice, you can look like a pro.
  • It’s all in one place, so you never have to download, upload, or organize your files.
  • In just 30 seconds, Tailwind Create can turn an idea into a beautiful pin!

This is a really great tool so make sure to try out Tailwind Create for free here.

Is Tailwind Create FREE?

Yes, the great thing about Tailwind Create is that it has a forever-free plan that you can sign up for without entering your credit card details.

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