Are you still hustling to create a successful gig on Fiverr?

Creating a successful Fiverr gig in 2024 is a time-taking and challenging job. The main reason is the competition on Fiverr is increasing day by day, which makes it difficult for newbies to fit in.

But in this complete guide to Fiverr, I will explain to you all the steps to create a Fiverr gig which you will find convenient and easy.

“Getting successful on Fiverr takes time, but you can do it if you’re skilled enough and if you optimize your profile properly. It takes just a little bit of SEO and engaging images to make a Fiverr Gig stand out. Create all 7 gigs, stay active and keep applying to buyer requests. (Update: the ‘buyer request’ feature is not available now.)” – Inu Etc

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Steps to create a Fiverr gig

  • First, choose the particular niches and services that you will be providing.
  • Then look how much competition that niche has. Selecting the right niche helps you rank faster.
  • Now choose an appropriate and attractive title that suits your gig.
  • Make an account on Fiverr to post your gig.
  • Set up a professional profile.
  • Now you can create your first ever gig.
  • Write your gigs overview professionally.
  • Select tags and other subcategories for your niche
  • Set a price for the service that you are providing.
  • Add descriptions and FAQS on your gig
  • Also, add visuals. It helps to boost your gig in less time.
  • Finally, publish your gig.

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Step 1: Choose a Niche

Step number one in creating a gig on Fiverr is to choose your niche. Niche is the services that you will provide on the platform.

While selecting a niche, what matters the most is your area of interest, if you are interested in content writing. Select content writing. Same if you are interested in graphic designing. Select it. If you have the skill to offer, select the one and start earning from it.

Also, decide the time you can give to your work. Some niches require more time, and some need less time and effort. Always choose a niche considering your time availability.

You cannot choose multiple niches at a time. Create a separate gig if you want to offer more services.

It’s easy for the clients to find you if your gig is straightforward and understandable.

Step 2: Competition of Your Niche

It is a significant and crucial step in making a successful gig. Most people overlook it, but it’s one of the most important factors to consider while selecting a niche.

If you select a high competition niche, it will require more time and effort to rank it. Due to already present high profiles and heavy traffic its minimum chances for your profile to rank.

But if you choose a low competition niche, it increases your chances to rank higher and fast. Fewer people mean low competition and easy ranking.

So always check your competition while choosing a niche and setting up your profile.

Step 3: Selecting a Title

Always choose a special and unique name for the service you will provide. Name is the identity of your service. It should be appropriate and accurate.

Many people have the same names for their services on Fiverr, making it difficult for a client to find you. The same terms mix up everyone.

So don’t make this mistake. Have a unique name and identity for your service.

Step 4: Make an Account

A Fiverr account is required to post your gig. So, this makes it the most important step.

You can join the account by your:

  • Account on Google
  • Account on Facebook
  • Email address

Now the next step is writing your name. They also ask for a password. After adding both, you can create your account.

After creating an account, activate it and then set up your profile.

Step 5: Setting Up Your Profile

Setting up your profile helps your clients know you before placing an order. Try to add all relevant and vital information about yourself and your services to your profile. It’s convenient for the client and builds a trust factor between you and your client.

Fiverr asks you to add all the relevant information in your profile like picture, description, language, skills, education, etc.

Inu Etc's Fiverr Profile

Inu Etc’s Fiverr Profile

Profile picture

Add a profile picture that gives a more professional look. Add the image of your face; it helps clients trust you by ensuring that you are a real person. A professional-looking profile is mandatory to get more orders and rank higher.


Language is imperative to make sure that you can talk to your client smoothly without any hurdle.

If you offer any translation or transcription services, then language is fundamental. You should be fluent in English to communicate and work on Fiverr.


Add a relevant description to your profile. Tell your buyers who you are, your expertise, what you can offer them, and your skills and experiences.

Use this option to impress your clients with the fantastic skills that you acquire.


Add your education and the name of the institutes.

You can attach certificates related to your services. It can make you more prominent and trustworthy.


Fiverr allows you to choose ten skills that you have. If you have skills related to your gig, you can add them. Make a wise choice by adding only relevant skills.

If you optimize your profile for SEO, your profile will undoubtedly perform better.

Step 6: Make a New Gig

After setting up your profile, you are now set to create your first ever gig. To do this

  • At the screen top, select the “Selling” menu; select the option “Gigs” in the dropdown menu.
  • Select “Create New Gig”, and then you can start the process of creating your gig.

Step 7: Your Gigs Overview

While writing an overview of your gig, stay patient and focused. Please don’t rush the process. It takes you more close to making a mistake.

Here they offer you to fill three boxes:

  • In the first one, you have to write the title of your gig
  • In the second one, you have to mention the category under which your gig falls
  • At last, you have to enter search tags relevant to your gig

Step 8: Set a Price

Setting a price for your gig is a tough job. While choosing a price for your gig, keep in mind all the important factors like the time you have to invest in it, your skillset, the quality of your work that you will offer your client, et cetera.

Never set a price too high or too low. Always keep it appropriate and acceptable.

Three different kinds of packages Fiverr offer

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium

Always select your package wisely. Don’t take too many orders if you cannot meet the deadline. Reputation matters more than other things. Always maintain your reputation.

Step 9: Descriptions and FAQS

Descriptions are game-changers. If you add a good and attractive description to your gig, it can increase your worth. Before placing an order, all clients go through the profile’s description. If they find it trustworthy and attractive, they place an order.

Always think according to a client’s perspective while writing a description. Add all your skills and specialties to it. There is a limit of 120 minimum and 1200 maximum characters. So, make sure to add every relevant detail within the word limit.

Now adding FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is also very important. You have to add the viewers’ questions while going through your profile here. Try to answer all of them. Also, keep changing these questions regularly according to new demands and conditions. You can add more FAQs by clicking the “+ Add FAQ” button.

Once your gig is activated, you will come to know the repeatedly asked FAQs. So once you get them, try to answer them. It will be convenient for your viewers.

Step 10: Gig Requirements

Your client will give you all the information you need to complete your order.

Fiverr offer three different options to get the required information

Free Text

With this option, you can communicate with your client through text messages. You can ask your required questions, and your client will answer them. This is a very convenient way to solve all your queries.

Attached Files

Choose this option when you want your client to send you any files to complete the order. Add all your requirements in the description, and your client will upload it. “+ Add Another Requirement” option is available so that you can ask for as many files as you want.

Multiple Answers

You can ask your client relevant questions in a multiple-choice format using this option. You can write your question and add two or more options to choose from for your client. Your client can choose one option which he found more accurate and appropriate. 

You have to provide a minimum of two options to choose from. Click the “+ Add Optional Answer” to add more options.

Step 11: Visuals

You should add pictures, videos, and PDFs to make your profile eye-catching. Note that all the photos and videos you add should be relevant to your gig.

Step 12: Publish

To publish your gig, click on the “Publish Gig” option. It is the easiest step to perform. After doing all these steps now, your profile is live.

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Final Thoughts: How to Create a Successful Fiverr Gig in 2024 

You can promote it on all platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There is an option available called to provide the link. You can get the link by clicking it, and now you can post it on any platform you want.

Promoting your profile on other platforms increases your chances to rank, and also your gig works better.

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