There are many websites and agencies that are giving Search Engine Optimization courses, but there are some secrets that no one wants to expose. They make their own SEO techniques to secrets, that no one can access. And these secrets can get organic traffic.

There are countless SEO guides that tell you to use headlines and keywords, and that’s fine because good SEO basics are keywords. As you learn more about SEO, you’ll definitely get deeper into the field. 

You’ll see that there’s still so much to do. Literally, there are a lot of secrets and tips about SEO that no one wants to reveal, and you may also have not heard about them.

Understand SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about providing significant search results to consumers based on their online searches. And then most relevant pages similar to your search will rank above on the search engine results page. 

You need to understand the importance of SEO. Because yet only digital marketing experts can understand the significance of SEO and where it is required to implement a proper strategy and to search engine optimization secrets.

It is very important to keep the focus on the basics of SEO guidelines. If you want to increase your website’s visibility over the search engines. So, here we have provided the important SEO secrets which will really help you to rank your website on Google first page:

Search Engine Optimization Secrets

1. Meta Description

The first thing is the meta description of content because meta description provides a brief review of the web page and its content to search engines. Google frequently shows the meta description and meta title of a web page and its content. 

This means that meta descriptions can be actively significant for click-throughs to your website. It’s absolutely worth optimizing the content to encourage users to your website content. You have to keep the focus on the search engine optimization secrets.

You have to keep the meta description concise and at least around about 150-160 characters. Writing a strong and short meta description is better for understanding search engines. Various content agencies and management systems, like WordPress. 

WordPress allows you to freely add your own web pages, meta-description of blogs, and uploaded visual content on your websites. Genuine online users can do this action easily, too.

2. Choose Niche Keywords

Keywords are one of the main parts of proper SEO because every optimization keyword is the first priority. Keywords are phrases or words users insert into the search boxes when they’re trying to find something like “Coffee Maker”. This means you are required to select keywords that really relate to your services or products and use them over your website.

To determine your keywords, recognize what your business offers and what makes your business or products unique. Because many other businesses will possibly be interested in the same ones, so, keep yours as niche as achievable. 

The secret is to look for a keyword having low competition and high search volumes. You can use free tools such as Google Keyword Planner that will give you this data. And this will also give you suggestions for alternative keywords.

Use your keywords to integrate them over your website in product descriptions, URLs, blogs, and page titles. You can get complete help through search engine optimization secrets. Keep in mind that Google will lower your ranking if Google notices that your pages with irrelevant keywords that disturb the flow.

3. Update old posts

Every content goes over the same stages like it first goes live, crawled, and basically competes for rankings. And then create more and more traffic through it, and when it stops getting traffic then it is effectively to die for Google.

Go through the content you have posted and check out which parts are no longer relevant. You have to note which content notes are relevant but can do something and the content which is completely outdated. 

For example, if the old post is not working properly but you can’t modernize instructions about adjusting software, no one uses it anymore. Add definite markers to display that the content is fresh. For example, if it was “Outfits to wear in 2018” after you’ve updated your blog, you have to update the current year as well.

4. Inbound Links Still Matter

One of the common SEO principles that you may hear is “Content is King” and while there is a reality to that statement. Quality content only is not enough to achieve a high ranking in the search engines. 

There’re various sites that provide excellent content. But many times, they are hidden in the search engines or below less relevant websites. That may only mention your search keyword but only once on the complete page. 

There is one more ranking factor which is “page authority” that allows preferences to pages that contain quality links including both internal and external links such as links from reputable directories and Guest Posts. 

So, to improve the authority of your website, you should have attached more links from relevant pages that are strongly linked to as well.

5. Use videos and images

Visual content is turning into famous, with the average users predicted to consume 100 minutes every day by just watching online videos in this year 2021. It’s also a secret of good SEO. It means that search engines also like to upload images and videos, too. Visual content frequently produces a deeper emotional reaction than text words on a page.

Literally, video click-through rates on search results are 40% higher than text content. Media files like videos and images are easy to engage, digest, and accessible. And they can easily share too with 90% of mobile video users sharing videos with other users. 

After that, users can spend more time on your web pages. And search engines favor your content to be helpful and then boost your ranking.

Final Thoughts: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Secrets That No One Wants to Expose

So, here I’ve given you the top SEO secrets that no one wants to reveal with other people, and these are the basic factors of optimization. Search engine optimization is a complicated process but when you give more time to explore its secrets, it will gradually be easy for you to understand. Keep the focus on these points for ranking your website.

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