Knowingly or unknowingly, everybody will come across engaging with TikTok videos. It doesn’t matter whether you like this platform or not, but I bet you can’t ignore this platform. Open any of your favorite media; sure, your eyes will fall on at least one of the videos, which TikTok users share. Well, TikTok is one of the brand-new social media apps that has taken the hearts of millions of users; its presence impacted the current world.

On top of that, this platform’s popularity has skyrocketed and has great potential to drive tons of engagement rates. This shows TikTok is a perfect fit for business owners and marketers. It was 689 million monthly active users with 2 billion downloads, did you know? This platform is larger than Twitter and Pinterest. 

Content is king, and it’s everything on Tiktok; if you want to grow your business, it’s important to plan the right content marketing. Also, to enjoy the whole benefit of TikTok, for your business, you need to set specific tactics to promote your products and brands. 

In this article, you will find some worthy guides to improve your content marketing to enhance your business on TikTok. 

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What is TikTok?

It is a complete video-sharing app, famous for lip-syncing, funny dance videos, which grabbed the audience’s attention. Many of them assume that TikTok is only for generation Z, but it has become an addictive platform for youngsters and all age groups of people. 

Why Is Content Marketing Necessary For Business?

TikTok has changed as a competitor platform for existing social media like Instagram and Snapchat. Creator’s content and brand content are actually quite engaging as well as unique; that’s why short-form video prefers them. TikTok downloads count shows that it has bags of engagement rate. 

On TikTok, creators can build massive audiences organically, and plenty of brands are stepping into this platform with their own content strategies. With many opportunities, many brands looking forward, TikTok to raise their ROI, even top brands, Hismile, NFL, and Washington are looking forward to building a large audience using TikTok.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram have turned into pay-to-play media, while TikTok provides plenty of exciting opportunities for brands to grow their business organically. That is why you need to think about content strategy on TikTok. 

Generally, on TikTok, most captivating content will fall on “for you” pages like Instagram discovery feed pages. It has great potential to influence the complete engagement rate that you receive for your content.

Displaying on the for you page is actually a little bit difficult; with the help of these tips, you can make your video appear on that page, which helps to grow your brand reach.

Create Original Content

You may assume that the idea of creating original content sounds unnecessary, but actually not, because TikTok doesn’t like to watch duplicate or overused content. You need to be different from others instead of following others’ styles. Stick to your own style and approaches, even if you deliver the same thing. It doesn’t mean you should not recreate others’ videos, but the thing you have to show your creativity and originality in your videos.

In fact, being yourself leads to making people attached to your account and brands. Remember being yourself, refers to showcasing your brand’s personality and creating more natural, spontaneous content. In this way, you can share more unknown facts about your brand that the audience has never experienced before. Do more behind-the-scenes that express your brand’s voice and personality. Trust me; your originality helps you to stand out from the crowd, beat your competitors.

Keep It Short & Sweet 

Research study shows that nearly 45 % of users who are between the age of 16 and 24 spend an average of 8 seconds in TikTok videos. Actually, it’s a little bit shorter than millennials, whose attention is 12 seconds. Anyway, TikTok allows the users to create videos for up to 60-seconds, but still, it’s better to keep to your video under 15 seconds along with proper editing, good quality video is crucial. Whether your video is 8 or 15 seconds, but your job is to make your audience watch your content completely. This is because your audience’s watch time is crucial. When you have higher watch time, TikTok will push your videos to many new audiences. Also, you have the chance to get on the “for you” page.

Hence, try to put all your points within that 15 seconds, or you can divide them into multiple videos to share your thoughts. Ensure within 2 to 3 videos; you must complete your whole concept. Remember, just be on the points; actually, this is what people want from your videos. It helps to consume a lot in a short period. 

Firstly, identify your audience attention span, next plan your video accordingly. 

Embrace Trending Videos & Viral Challenges 

The discover tab will show you what content is getting viewed by most of the audience. Moreover, on the “for you” page, people get videos based on their interests and previously watched videos. At the same time, it doesn’t mean people will not like or comment on popular and funny videos. If you spot any trending challenges, check if it fits your brand or not; it’s fit; incorporate your brand in that trending challenge. It helps to get engagement for your brand. 

One of the effortless ways to catch audience attention is using popular songs in your niche. Like trending challenges and viral videos, popular hashtags, if you fit in your content when people use those specific hashtags to search content, your video will appear. 

When you plan to create content, jump on trends as soon as possible because its life span is concise. On TikTok, embrace everything trending: songs, videos, challenges, hashtags, music; the reason is, it has the capabilities to get instant attention and engagement. Hence, think wisely to improve your business growth.

Pay Attention To Engagement

Engagement is a crucial factor on social media to drive traffic for your content, And TikTok is not an exception. As a business owner, you must find the right ways to grab audience attention. In case you spot less interaction for your videos, you must know how to attract TikTok likes for higher engagement, wider exposure, and increased visibility for your videos.  

In this way, you can easily promote your business or brand effectively. First of all, identify topics that create buzz or excitement among your audience. Check what kind of content your audience likes to watch most and their preference. These actions help to create content according to their wish. This way, you can obtain more engagement for your videos. 

Maintain Consistency & Relevance Content

If you are running a business account on TikTok, it’s mandatory to post content that is related to your business or brands. At least, your content either directly or indirectly promotes your business. Firstly, determine your targeted niche, get to know about them, next plan your content types accordingly. When it comes to TikTok, you have plenty of content ideas for your business. For instance, behind-the-scenes, how-to-videos, tutorials, sharing useful information, comedy skits, inspirational videos. Be smart to incorporate your business in those content ideas. Avoid posting too much promotional content, which may look fake or annoy your audience. Even you can run giveaways, contests to get immediate exposure for your brand. 

Of course, consistency plays a major role in making your business successful on TikTok. Post at least one or two videos regularly on your feed. Know your audience’s active time and schedule your videos at that timing. Just remember, relevance is essential when you create content for your business. 

Get Interacted

TikTok is an excellent place to create a strong community for your business; in fact, this platform is about community. Creating content on TikTok will make the audience laugh, cry, gasp, and more. Hence it’s a two-way communication platform. Through likes, shares, comments, people show their interaction with your videos.

Just like that, people won’t interact with your content unless you start first. That is, post more content to drive engagement rate, next encourage people to comment on your post. One of the tricks to increase your comments rate by replying to your audience’s comments. Do more live videos, run Q&A sessions among your audience. Connect with people who are interested in your niche and belong to your industry to build good relationships with your community. Appreciate your audience’s action towards your content, value their presence. Doing such things will help an ever-lasting connection with your audience.

Create Your Own Identity 

Building your own identity is not a difficult task on TikTok unless you have some strategy. Try to know your brand’s or business benefits, value, features, and embrace it. Next, showcase your brand’s voice and its personality in every content you create. Fix a perfect theme or background for your videos. You can use your brand’s or product color for your background. Taking those efforts will help create your own identity and make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Utilize Analytics To Improve Your Results

Using the TikTok pro account, you can get a unique insight into your content performance and in-depth details about your audience. It not only provides basic demographics but also gives audience interest, engagement rates. You can follow data-driven methods in your content strategy.

For instance, when you track the result of high-performing content, you can get which users are most engaged with it. Hence for next time, you can concentrate on that group of users and create content for them.

On top of that, if you keep track of your results closely, you will know what types of content resonates with your audience. Along with that, you can get their active time on specific days. TikTok analytics will provide data on each video you share on TikTok. You can get information like, tidal number of views, likes, traffic, average watch time that your video is received.

Monitor your analytics regularly, analyze the results, with the help of gathered data, plan your content and marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts: TikTok Content Marketing: How To Use It For Enhancing Your Business

TikTok is the stage to make the user as creative as possible. It has movable sharable content that grabs the users to recreate those videos. A perfect marketing campaign and being active on TikTok will make you flourish on this platform. When it comes to content creation, you must concentrate on every aspect and understand your objective and intentions. I hope this article helps you to frame TikTok content marketing for your business.

This is a guest post written by Anne Joseph.

Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoys the opportunity to work with social media influencers.

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