Getting up early without stress makes the day longer and more enjoyable. It’s also a healthy habit necessary for the body to function properly.

By learning how to wake up and start the day, you can do more than usual while spending much less effort.

After all, as you know, it’s in the first half of the day when our brain works more productively, allowing us to perform difficult tasks. 

Therefore, everyone who dreams of achieving big goals needs to learn to wake up early without stress and worries.

What’s a mindfulness stress reduction? How to have a stress-free morning? 

Here are 6 stress reduction techniques to enjoy your start of the day.

1. Fall asleep Correctly

Put all gadgets aside half an hour before bedtime. The flickering of the screen makes it difficult to fall asleep. Your body thinks that it’s still day and sends a signal of activity.

For the last hour before bed, devote yourself to meditation, plans for the future, pleasant memories, or reading a paper book.


It’s better to go to bed before midnight because it will be easier to wake up.

Want more stress reduction tips?

Don’t ever abuse alcohol and overeat before going to bed. The body won’t recover, and in the morning, you will only feel sleepy and weak.

2. Take That Nasty Loud Alarm Clock Away

Surprisingly, it’s the alarm clock that is the mistake that doesn’t allow you to feel comfortable.


Because while you sleep, your production of serotonin is in full swing. You are contented and peaceful. When you wake up, the amount of this hormone will gradually decrease. But what happens if you jump up when the alarm rings?

According to a stress reduction theory, such awakening is a great stress for the body. The body perceives a loud and sudden sound as a threatening stimulus.

alarm clock

A feeling of fear immediately arises. In response to fear, the nervous system reflexively releases a huge amount of the stress hormone called cortisol. This hormone is a serotonin antagonist.

And all the joy hormones that exists in your blood gets “burned” by cortisol. As a result, the mood is negative, nervousness is definite, the heart is pounding and the head is splitting. How can a morning be good after this?

As a part of stress reduction strategies, choose a very pleasant and soft melody you just want to listen to. It’s great if you choose classical music. Make the alarm sound quiet. Keep it close to your head and set it 30-40 minutes earlier.

3. Decorate your Bedroom

Let the place where you sleep be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Most people are prone to morning stress, so if you are a “night” person, you should make sure that the bedroom becomes attractive to you.

Put on bedding that is pleasant to the body, ventilate the room, try scented candles, add a couple of pretty plants.

Remember that the first rule of getting up without stress is getting to bed on time and getting enough sleep. If you love your bedroom, you will spend more time there and wake up stress-free.

4. Breathe and Stretch After Waking up

Create yourself a stress-free zone. The first minutes after waking up are important to set the mood for your entire day.

Set your alarm earlier so you don’t rush. While lying in bed, take a few deep breaths and stretch your body. Get up slowly, without sudden movements.

It takes time for the body to switch from sleep to work. Jumping out of bed right away can start the day with headaches, spikes in blood pressure, joint and back pain. In addition, you will have not a good mood.

Try Morning Exercise

5. Try Morning Exercise

How does the morning start for most of us? Jump up, shower, drink coffee and start sorting through a ton of clothes in the closet to choose what to wear.

Do yourself a favor and get your clothes and items ready in the evening. Then you’ll see how much time you’ve got saved in the morning.

Sometimes you don’t have time to do exercises as a part of stress reduction tactics. Someone may feel bad if they start squatting in the morning. Someone just ignores this habit by underestimating it.

But exercises after waking up are a guarantee of activity and an excellent mood.

Do you know why?

First, the body wakes up. Secondly, the blood more actively flows through your body bringing it the needed recovery. Thirdly, the load on the muscles stimulates the release of hormones, reducing the level of stress.

Therefore, exercise and stress reduction will give you health, excellent physical shape, and a good mood.

6. Enjoy Some Private Time

If you get up earlier than others in the house, you especially appreciate this morning hour, when you can enjoy the silence, spend time with yourself without stress, and meditate. 

To enjoy living without stress, make some fragrant coffee, turn on slow music, take a contrast shower or do morning yoga.

Take your time to think over a plan for the day and consider all the details and time frames. Enjoy a leisurely, stress-free morning. 

Isn’t that worth waking up early and forgetting about the snooze button?

Final Thoughts: 6 Tips on Having Stress-Free and Joyful Morning

Many successful people say their victories are formed from the right habits. One of them is getting up early and having a stress-free morning as it’s the most productive time of the day.

It sets an energetic rhythm for the whole day, and you can do a lot more before noon.

However, the path to success can be blocked by an unexpected problem. Getting up early is very difficult for most people, and many of us do it wrong.

Hopefully, our stress reduction activities will help you overcome the desire to stay in bed longer and help you wake up stress-free and full of energy.

How do you fight a bad mood in the morning?

Please share your tips in the comments below.

This is a guest post written by Ellen Orton.

The author of this article, Ellen Orton, has been interested in psychological relationships for a long time, often attends seminars and training, and practices the acquired knowledge in classes with problem couples. In her free time, she spends time with her family, enjoys modern painting, photographs of people and nature, and also enjoys making various desserts and pastries.

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