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Are you tired of spending a long time writing good product descriptions for your eCommerce store?

Well, now you don’t have to worry anymore!

With Tailwind Ghostwriter AI, you can quickly write amazing and engaging descriptions for your products that will help you sell more.

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What is Tailwind?

A great marketing tool that started as a Pinterest scheduling tool, Tailwind now offers Instagram scheduling, Facebook scheduling, social media content creation, link-in-bio tools, email marketing, and their Copilot marketing plan to help you stay on top of everything. They are now expanding into AI-generated content with Tailwind Ghostwriter.

Tailwind has a forever free plan that you can sign up for without entering your credit card details.

How to Use Tailwind Ghostwriter AI for Product Descriptions

You can start writing Product Descriptions with Tailwind Ghostwriter AI by selecting the required tool from the Product Listing section of Tailwind (dashboard) AI Labs.

The Product Listing section offers a few options depending on where your store is located. A variety of options are available, including Amazon listing, Etsy listing, Shopify listing, and other listings.

Tailwind Ghostwriter AI for Product Descriptions -

You simply need to select one of the product listing generators that work with the e-commerce platform you’re using. Simply click on Shopify Listing if you’re selling products on Shopify.

Tailwind Ghostwriter AI for Product Descriptions - Inuidea

Next, you need to fill in some basic information like the name of your product, who you want to sell it to (target audience), and the keywords you want to focus on. Make sure you also mention what makes your product different (unique selling point or unique value).

Once you’ve provided all the information, you just have to click a button that says Generate Shopify Product Listing.

The tool will now analyze your information and give you a title, description, and tags of your product based on the information you provided. The titles, descriptions, and tags will be relevant to your product and the eCommerce store in order to attract and retain the people you are trying to sell your product to.

Tailwind Ghostwriter AI - Product Descriptions

If you don’t like the content, just click the Generate Shopify Product Listing button again. Remember, each time you create new content or a description, you will lose 1 Ghostwriter credit.

You can also edit the content made by AI to fit what you need. After that, just copy the description and use it immediately on your online store.

How to Get Access to Tailwind Ghostwriter AI

Join Tailwind’s FREE plan to gain access to Tailwind Ghostwriter. This feature is available for all plan levels, but each level provides a different number of credits.

Tailwind currently has 4 pricing plans. On the Free plan, you’ll get 10 Ghostwriter Credits per month. With Pro ($12.99 per month), you’ll get 50 credits. On Advanced ($19.99 per month), you’ll get 250 credits. And on Max ($39.99 per month), you’ll get 500 credits.

Final Thoughts: How to Use Tailwind Ghostwriter AI for Product Descriptions

It is easier, faster, and more efficient for business owners to create Product Descriptions with Tailwind Ghostwriter AI.

However, I highly recommend that you carefully read the AI-generated content and make any necessary edits to fit your tone and style before you use it on your online store.

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