As a passionate photographer, would you like to generate passive income from your images?

Every business needs a website, and every website needs images to make it more interesting and memorable for its readers. 

Buying high-quality pictures is a great way to not only make your website more impactful but also to empower the photographers who take these images. 

Photographers can now sell their images on numerous platforms. In this article, we have listed the top nine platforms where you can sell your images online.

To make things easier for you, we have mentioned the pros and cons of each of these websites. 

Let’s find out which platform is the best for growing your income as a photographer. 

Shutterstock - Sell Stock Photos Online

1. Shutterstock

Founded in 2003, Shutterstock has grown to become one of the most popular platforms for selling images. 

This platform has a vast library of images, vectors, and illustrations, making it a go-to choice for buyers from different industries. Shutterstock’s global reach and extensive marketing efforts allow sellers like you to market your images to a broad audience. 

As a seller, you can earn through photo downloads, enhanced licenses, and referrals. 


  • High visibility: Shutterstock is one of the most popular stock photo websites, attracting millions of monthly visitors.
  • Regular payouts: You’ll receive monthly payments via PayPal, Skrill, or Payoneer.
  • Contributor resources: Shutterstock offers helpful resources, such as keyword suggestions and tips for improving your portfolio.


  • Lower royalties: Shutterstock’s royalty rates start at 15%, which is lower than some other platforms.
  • High competition: With millions of images available, it can be challenging to stand out.

Adobe Stock - Sell Stock Photos Online

2. Adobe Stock

If you are a user of Adobe products, you’ll love Adobe Stock. It is another popular platform that has attracted users from around the world, especially creative professionals who use Adobe products. 

Its seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud applications allows its sellers to reach a global audience.

Sellers benefit from high royalty rates and increased visibility due to the platform’s marketing resources and promotional opportunities for sellers. 


  • Integration with Adobe products: Seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud makes it easier for users to find and purchase your images.
  • Competitive royalties: You’ll earn a 33% commission on each sale, which is higher than many other platforms.
  • Non-exclusive: You can sell your images on other platforms as well.


  • Limited audience: Adobe Stock primarily targets Adobe users, which may limit your potential customer base.
  • No direct payouts: Earnings are added to your Adobe account, and you’ll need to request a payout manually.

500px - Sell Stock Photos Online

3. 500px

Founded in 2009, 500px is a platform that offers high-quality images, from a worldwide community of photographers.

The platform offers a space for vibrant photographers to come together to fister, collaborate, and inspire each other. 

With its unique design options, sellers can showcase their work in a more visually appealing way.

As a seller, you can connect with other photographers and get access to a wide range of resources and tools to perfect your craft.


  • Focus on quality: Known for its high-quality images and attracts a discerning audience.
  • Contributor resources: Offers resources such as webinars, tutorials, and articles to help you improve your photography skills.
  • Social features: A strong social aspect, allowing you to connect with other photographers and gain exposure.


  • Lower royalties: Offers a 30% commission. This is lower than some other stock photo platforms.
  • Limited sales potential: 500px’s marketplace is smaller than some competitors, which may result in fewer sales.

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Getty Images - Sell Stock Photos Online

4. Getty Images

A leading stock photo agency with an endless supply of high-quality images, Getty Images has become a platform of choice for buyers everywhere.

Sellers on the platform get to work with some of the biggest names in the industry. 

Even though the platform has a stringent submission process, you’ll get accepted if you demonstrate exceptional skill and creativity. 

As a photographer, Getty Images can be a lucrative platform for selling your work. 

If you want to have a lucrative passive income every month, Getty Images is the place you should be. 


  • Prestigious reputation: Known for its high-quality content and is a go-to source for many professionals.
  • High royalties: You can earn up to 45% commission on each sale.
  • Exclusive contracts: Sellers can get exclusive contracts, which can lead to higher earnings.


  • Rigorous submission process: It’s difficult for new photographers to get accepted due to a rigorous submission process.
  • Limited flexibility: You can’t sell your images on other platforms due to exclusive licenses.

iStock - Sell Stock Photos Online

5. iStock

One of the first microstock agencies, iStock, was founded in 2000. 

Since then, it has become a popular platform for photographers to sell their photos online. 

iStock is an affiliate of Getty Images and benefits from its parent company’s reputation and resources. 

Offering exclusive and non-exclusive licensing options, the platform allows sellers to tailor their approach to their needs. 


  • Owned by Getty Images: iStock is a subsidiary of Getty Images, giving you access to its prestigious reputation and customer base.
  • Two licensing options: You can choose between exclusive and non-exclusive licenses, depending on your preferences.
  • Contributor Community: Has an active community of contributors offering support and advice.


  • Lower royalties for non-exclusive images: Non-exclusive images earn a 15% commission, while exclusive images earn up to 45%.
  • High competition: iStock has a vast library of images, making it difficult to stand out.

Alamy - Sell Stock Photos Online

6. Alamy

Alamy, a UK-based stock photo agency, was founded in 1999. 

Over the years, it has grown to gather a large and diverse customer base. 

With its focus on editorial content, Alamy has become an excellent choice for photojournalists and documentary photographers. 

Sellers get a fair and transparent commission structure, with up to 50% royalties. 

Thanks to its non-exclusive licensing, you can also sell images on other platforms. 

The platform offers extensive keywording and search capabilities that help sellers significantly increase their images’ visibility.  


  • High commission rates: 50% commission for direct sales and 40% for distribution sales.
  • Non-exclusive: You can sell your images on other platforms as well.
  • Large customer base: A diverse range of clients, including advertising agencies, publishers, and designers.


  • Slower sales: A lower sales volume than other platforms which may result in fewer sales.
  • No contributor community: No dedicated community exists for contributors to connect with each other. 

Bigstock - Sell Stock Photos Online

7. Bigstock

Bigstock is another great stock photography website for photographers to sell their photos online. 

It has a user-friendly interface and a vast library of high-quality stock photos, illustrations, and vectors that attract a diverse customer base regularly. 

Sellers can easily connect with buyers from around the world. 

Its straightforward pricing and easy submission process make it even more attractive for photographers. 

As a seller, Bigstock is a great platform to showcase your photos and generate passive income. 


  • Owned by Shutterstock: Gives you access to Shutterstock’s large customer base.
  • Simple pricing: Offers straightforward pricing, making it easy for customers to purchase your images.
  • Easy submission process: Uploading your images to Bigstock is quick and hassle-free.


  • Lower royalties: Offers a 30% commission
  • Limited exposure: Smaller library compared to competitors, which may result in fewer sales.

Canva - Sell Stock Photos Online

8. Canva

Launched in 2012, Canva is one of the most popular design tools online, 

Users can create professional-looking designs for personal and professional use in just a few minutes. 

Sellers get access to the platform’s rapidly growing customer base as users incorporate their images in their own designs.

The best part is that the platform offers a non-exclusive licensing option, allowing you to sell your images on other platforms as well. 


  • Integration with design tool: Your images will be available for users to incorporate into their designs.
  • Non-exclusive: You can sell your images on other platforms as well.
  • Growing customer base: Rapidly growing customer base offers increased sales potential.


  • Lower royalties: Offers a 35% commission. 
  • Limited audience: Primarily targets non-professional designers, which may limit your potential customer base.

Dreamstime - Sell Stock Photos Online

9. Dreamstime

Dreamstime was launched in 2000 by photographer Serban Enache with the aim of building an online community for photographers, designers, and artists. Today, it is one of the leading stock photography portals and a great starting point for beginner photographers who are looking to expand their portfolio.

Similar to other sites mentioned in this guide, Dreamstime has a rigid submission policy. The creators have to adhere to the guidelines curated by the Dreamstime team to qualify.

However, when they are accepted, the sellers can manage their own gallery of pictures and gain more control.


  • Large customer base: Dreamstime has a trusted database of over 44 million users.
  • High commission rates: The commission at Dreamstime starts at 25% for non-exclusive images and 27% for exclusive pictures. However, your rates will increase by more than 45% as you climb up their exclusive tier levels for creators. 
  • Supportive team: You can find instant support from the team members at Dreamstime regarding your submissions. Plus, tutorials are available at every stage to help you with any challenges. 


  • Rigid submission policy: Dreamstime has a tough submission policy and contributors have to fulfill the guidelines fully to avail the benefits. 

Final Thoughts: 9 Best Sites to Sell Stock Photos Online

Stock photos are a great way for businesses to make their marketing more visually appealing. With demand for stock photos on the rise, it is an excellent opportunity for photographers to monetize their passion. 

Selling stock photos online not only allows photographers to generate passive income but also gives them the recognition they deserve. 

Check out the platforms listed in the list above. Choose the one that best fits your unique needs as a seller. 

Remember, perseverance is the secret to success in the stock photography market.

You can go a long way in this industry with high-quality content and a keen understanding of your target audience.

Explore these platforms and turn your photography into a thriving online business

Happy selling!

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