Everyone searching online for ideas to monetize their business, and it seems like all the ways I see online, don’t even work or either outdated methods.

For me, I think it became a struggle for people to get successful, and the first stage of a business is a very difficult phase to monetize. Although, there are very effective ways that you can do it yourself.

There is no way online that ever worked, to monetize a business because no mentor has shown the real steps.

The thing about mentors, they don’t give the full idea! All real secrets that they reclaim, have not been explained in a very detailed way.

“No one will share a secret”

They are telling the truth about tiny aspects, or just primer levels! If you look at what they are saying about how to get income, it’s near to some levels.

They don’t separate the getting money phase, from other phases of marketing.

They are not lying Completely but smarting with it, what they do is talk about a phase that could be known, to make you their follower for good, so you come for other tips.

Smart move right! Well, you can be smarter than them by not listening to what they are saying, and do the same as they did to you.

From my 15 years of experience as a professional in marketing and advertising, I worked in a creative team as a copywriter, I learned that marketing is the only key for success, is the only door for your business to get customers in, and the key to lock them inside.

Marketing process = build a door =》let the door open =》lock the door with a key. 

The marketing process is divided into three main phases, but not all of the three will bring customers. To build a door is by making a website and business stationery aspects, inviting phase is where you do promotion, to generate leads in different ways that depend on your business behavior type. 

The final step is to keep what you have fetched, and this can be done only with very good customer services, and a good getaway system. 

And in this blog, I’m going to show you the real tactic that will bring customers to you.

That’s how you monetize your business by bringing customers to you in the 1st place.

Then you can look around with online mentors, to show you how to keep, and more of branding ways to be creative and come with social media stuff.


A fine hub is a standard thing, a website for your business has become one of the stationery essentials because you are living in the digital age and it has just begun.

People search online when they want to buy a product, heck even at work you must be connected to the internet.

Although you don’t need that much spending on the website, with very fluff looking with a lot of colors a lot of cool designs.

Aesthetic work could be considered if you have a good budget for it, you can not do it if you’re on a low budget and you are just starting.

“Sell first and buy later”

You need to stop the buyer habit and start becoming a seller because that’s what business is all about, it is about selling stuff.

We are all built-in buyer form! It is addictive, the one who only gets rich is the one who never buys.

However, here are the main things that you need to have, as sources for your business, which also a creative part of your business:

Landing Page

As I mentioned you need a hub to let your buyers generate from any promotion, to land on your hub that’s called landing page! An ok website that you’re going to make for your business.

A simple platform like WordPress, you can make a very useful website that will do as many at a free cost is also easy to deal with.


It’s very relevant to have the trust of the audience, you must make a profile on any platform that’s popular in the online world, for example, Google Maps.

All people look for local businesses through Google maps, for them it means you are there in real life, got your own presence, people still don’t fall to anyone laying on a bed with a laptop. 

Social media presence 

I’m talking about the trust thing, yea! You know that people like to spend time on social media, so why not jump on their hangouts, and have a good profile for your business.

By providing posts accordingly, people will follow after they purchase from you, and after feeling overwhelming. Good business will keep their customers, and let them trap in their bubble.

Social media becomes the place where people spend time mostly, think about it logically, Where can anyone spend time on the world wide web? Obviously, social media provides a good hangout place for online presence, if social media is a house, people will stay in it instead of their real-life house.


Delivering value to your customers is vital. There is no reason to search on Google if there are no blogs in it, you know why Google lets bloggers do whatever they please Because it is like having a workforce without paying for it.

Ask yourself when was the last time you looked for an answer without google. Even though Google administration or the alphabet is paying for TV ads, to let people search even more on google.

That is why you need to write a blog, for your business to monetize, as it is another creative way, to keep people thinking about you only when it comes to your niche.

Swing the PROMOTION with a PLAN 

This is where you get customers to your doorstep, this is how you get income for your business, it is the only way to monetize a business.

A good strategy for promotion is vital to generate leads for you, and every business has its behavior depending on the type. 

Simply, to realize that by knowing your customers, are you selling a product to regular customers! Then you are business to customers. If you sell to businesses, then your method to use is business to business.

For business to business, the method you need is to find a way like direct marketing.

By generating emails from Google maps, or going to LinkedIn and approaching the business owners. Present an offer to business entities through messaging.

The mistake that everybody makes is mixing these methods together, like using advertising for business to business and use direct marketing or direct approach to regular customers. That is a very wrong move.

Without further ado, let’s get to the plan to how to monetize your business with a promotional plan do it yourself :

Monetize your business with do it yourself promotion plan – business to business 

As I mentioned there is no way to advertise for business to business, so direct marketing is the best bet, by reaching business owners.

What you need to do is go through Google map, and search your client service name, for example; lawyers, and then a list will pop up to you, so you are going to email every one of them.

Also, there are a lot of platforms that have data on businesses, like Yelp and Yellow Pages, employees’ and white pages.

Giant social media like LinkedIn has a good amount of data, for you to get clients, and then look through the employees names, and look for someone who is responsible in relations and send him or her a message.

Direct marketing 

You need to be good at writing an email that will convince the client. because direct marketing is all about sending emails, there’s no way you can use it, because cold calling is old and no one is responding.

You have to have the skills of a copywriter, either you can hire one which will cost about $13.00 per hour in an average sense.

I suggest though that you do it by yourself, that is what this blog is all about, showing you to do it yourself.

While you can do that by yourself, you need a lot of learning about copywriting, so you can send an email that will convert your buyers to money.

Monetize your business with do it yourself promotion plan – business to customer

All store-based businesses, or any business that is focused on selling directly to the customers, should prepare a very good way that regular people will enjoy shopping on it and are willing to buy.

With that said, you should already provide a good experience for them to browse around and should provide a creative method, good website, and good customer service.

Avoid cold calling with business to customers, because this type of customer will not feel OK or safe by cold calling them, they will be even terrified.

Also, they don’t want to be direct emailing, as they don’t check emails for shop purposes regularly. They might check for work or bills.

The best way to reach these types of customers is through advertising, especially as we live in the ad age, as online platforms are getting popular.

It’s like the 60s all over again! When people used to watch ads, through TV. We can do it now on YouTube, where people spend time watching videos. 

To run good advertising for your customers, by delivering value through advertising content, because you’re going to set up content that will be enjoyable for your customers, in return to get noticed.

as with any marketing content, you need to provide a very good copy, that will convert the audience who saw your ads, into buyers thus we call this step conversion.

“Attention – Persuasion – Conversion”

If you should do it by yourself, since you are not hiring a copywriter, you are going to prepare a very good copy, along with a very stunning headline.

First, though you need to research to know how people think, and feel about products similar to you.

Through this copy, you are going to showcase the problem, with a solution to be delivered, through this advertising content showing your product as the key of the solution. 

Prepare the hub to monetize

You got all the customers and you got all the website’s set, it is up to you to let them in or let them out, of course, you don’t want that after all the setting up.

The getaway system is very important when it comes to sales, and people would like the fastest way, they are not going to trouble themselves by paying you, they want to be guided to feel pleasure to pay.

Deals would ruin if your sales payment system is very hard to deal with, or has low services and is not easy.

In this step is the sales department which needs good customer service and a very perfect gateway.

You must have perfect customer services that will guide customers to pay you and close the deal for you. 

Then you need to have a good gateway system that makes life easier and stronger to receive the Money.

This becomes a great chance for you to have a great gateway system, payment that shows guides to the audience and easier to use, and provides all the ways people can pay with.

For example, if you are business to business, you can provide a good old wire transfer, PayPal transfer, or any payment platform. Business people won’t mind the trouble of sending the money.

While regular customers, only feel comfortable paying with a credit card after step by step guidance.

“The bigger the money, the easier the gateway”

The most difficult type of customers is the regular customers, although they are more valuable than business entities. That said because regular people would love to buy, business owners are sellers so they think twice and thrice to pay.

To conclude – DO IT YOURSELF!

The key here is to make marketing a complete process, doing phases from start to finish! That if you want to grow your business to monetize.

Monetizing business it’s all about doing marketing in the right way, because the money comes from customers, and customers come from marketing, more specifically in the promotion phase.

That’s why you need to do marketing phases completely, from creative to sales, and don’t forget the promotion, just one of the important aspects to bring customers.

This is a guest post written by Scott Wilson.

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Author Bio:

Scott Wilson is a copywriter with 15 years of experience in copywriting, worked with many marketing and advertising companies, and provided several types of copies for clients’ needs.