I think we can all agree that 2020 was a year that none of us will ever forget. The world witnessed a pandemic after decades, and it is still persisting in 2021. As a result, many businesses got shut down, and many companies reverted to online platforms. So, digital marketers faced an immense opportunity to increase their client base due to the pandemic.

But, what kind of lessons should they learn from the pandemic? Will they keep their marketing strategies intact, or will they change them to cope with the New Normal scenario? As a digital marketer myself, I think the post-Covid world will come up with new marketing tactics. So, let’s get on with them.

How Will Digital Marketing Work In The Post Covid Era?

Let’s get on with some statistics first. Due to the lockdown restrictions in 2020, the number of app downloads increased by 31.7% that year. But the Google Click-Through Rate decreased by 41%, and as a result, the U.S. GDP alone reduced by 9.5%. So, as you can see, digital marketers will have to develop new strategies to retain their customers and keep their market share intact in the post-covid world.

1: Marketers Must Know Their Customer Segments

Before the pandemic, it was enough for digital marketers to know their target customers for implementing the marketing tactics. But, Covid19 has made the marketing world more streamlined, so marketers have to focus on customer segments more now. They have to target precise customers based on their individual needs. 

They can apply geographic segmentation, behavioral segmentation, or demographic segmentation techniques. To increase brand awareness among customers, the marketers have to personalize their messages for the particular audience. 

The new statistics show that 32% of customers are willing to buy affordable goods by focusing less on brands and more on product functions. In addition, we see 25% of customers prioritize their families’ safekeeping first, and 16% of customers are willing to buy eco-friendly goods. So, digital marketers have to collect deeper insight into their target audience based on customer segmentation to develop new convincing marketing tactics.

2: Agile Approach Is Beyond Technology

If you don’t know what the agile approach is, let me tell you, it is a project management approach that allows customers to have faster delivery of products with lesser hassles. Previously, marketers used to prefer the waterfall approach more because it gave them a better understanding of the operations.

But, the post-Covid era has mandated for marketers to use agile technology. It will include more accurate listening to customer issues and launching products based on demand sensing. It will also mean faster decision-making and being more flexible with customer demands. 

So, digital marketers will also know what is wrong with their existing marketing approach and will rectify it instantly. For example, a brand used to showcase the long cue of people outside their store to show product demands. But, now, they can’t show the same ad because it will nullify the social distancing restrictions. So, the agile approach will teach marketers new ways of marketing to grab customer attention faster.

3: You Are Not Competing With Your Competitors Anymore

As surprising as it sounds, but in the post-Covid world, you are not really competing with your competitors. Instead, you are competing with the last best experience your customer had with you. Most people have diverted towards online shopping, so you can imagine how powerful your digital advertising would have to be to remind customers that you are here for them.

Digital Marketing Competitors

If you just ensure a seamless and secure online transaction, that won’t be enough anymore. With so many businesses competing online, you have to go above and beyond the fundamental principles of digital marketing.

You must have ample personal data of your customers if you work in a digital marketing agency. So, use those real-time analytics to support your customer throughout their customer journey. Align your individual departmental goals with collective company goals to ensure customers have the best shopping experience with you.

4: You Must Have What Your Customers Want

The competition has increased to an unimaginable extent in the post-Covid world, so you must give customers what they want if you want to be in their good graces. Digital marketers can take advantage of Facebook advertising to demonstrate their products and services in an even better way.

You must ensure that customers can view your website on their smartphones and make purchases from there. Your website must have enough virtual detailing to convince customers to buy your products. You can also offer them discount coupons and special offers to attract them even more.

Customers want a frictionless shopping experience, so you must focus on the entire purchasing journey here apart from having the right product. Only then the digital marketers will rule the top shelves in the business environment in the post-pandemic world.

5: Fostering Long-Term Relationship With Customers Is Everything

Trying to make long-term relationships with customers was always crucial in the marketing world. But, due to the pandemic, it has become even more critical. Especially in B2B sales, you have to leverage the power of loyal customers to increase your revenue.

In the world of online interactions, making long-term relationships with customers is even more difficult. But digital marketers must think of it like online dating. The way people convince each other on dating apps to meet in person, they’ll have to persuade customers to buy their products.

Now, it is only possible when customers get what they want in the least troubling way. It will generate trust in the customers towards the brand. Thus, it will make their digital marketing efforts more efficient. 


The Covid19 has not changed the digital marketing scenario completely, but it has indeed introduced some changes. We have talked about a few of those changes here so that, as a digital marketer, you can grab some valuable insight into this phenomenon. If you want to survive in this competitive environment, you must understand how your customer and client behaviors have changed. So, make sure you apply these tips and harness the pandemic’s opportunity in the digital marketing world. 

This is a guest post written by Steve Smith

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